Tips for Maximizing Your Growth on Bovine Ovary

1. Set the stage for growth

Because our bodies are exposed to synthetic hormones everyday, chances are your hormone receptors are already overladen with xenoestrogen. To get the best results with Bovine Ovary pills, we recommend you implement some simple detox tips to clear your body of all excess hormones before you begin taking the supplements.

Find out why you should detox for breast growth!

2. Raise your body temperature

You need to maintain proper thyroid function in order for Bovine Ovary to be effective. Check your body temperature consistently to make sure it is safely above 98.2 degrees. If your body temperature is consistently low, find out why and follow the best body temperature raising tips to quickly – and safely – boost your temp.

3. Stick to it

This is especially important if you are starting out with an A cup or smaller. Stick with your routine for at least 3 months to give your body a chance to adjust to the hormones.

4. Consume plenty of protein

Protein form the building blocks of hormones and are essential to breast growth. You cannot grow without food as the body needs something to work with. Stock up on plenty of proteins in your diet or opt for a great protein powder –  whey protein is the best.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian – make sure you’re getting enough protein by supplementing with a protein powder or incorporating super protein-rich foods like edamame and other beans and peas into your diet. If you don’t want animal products, go with hemp protein (it’s all natural, plant-based and doesn’t contain other not-good-for-you fillers like other “vegan” protein powders)  but also add an amino complex supplement to your diet.

5. Massage!

Breast massage should be an integral part of any natural breast enhancement regimen. By massaging your breasts, you are stimulating blood flow and improving circulation in your chest area, making it easier for your breast to expand and grow. Check out breast enhancement massage techniques!

6. Synergize!

Natural breast enhancement works best when you incorporate a variety of techniques. While you grow your breasts from the inside with Bovine Ovary, we also recommend adding a non-hormonal topical to your daily routine to increase breast growth from the outside. Find out more about how the skin enhances breast growth.

Click here for the best non-hormonal creams to use with Bovine Ovary!

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