7 Reasons to Love Your Small Breasts

We’re all about natural breast enhancement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate your beautiful breasts as they are right now.

Especially if they’re on the small-ish side. ‘Cause there’s no doubt about it – small boobs come with big benefits.

Here’s 7 reasons to be grateful for your small breasts!

1. Sex is better with small boobs

When it comes to pleasure, breast size doesn’t matter nearly as much as the concentration of nerves and tissues inside the boobs.

While larger boobs have an abundance of breast tissue, the glandular tissues are what really fires up your erogenous zones, and it’s easier to stimulate the glandular tissues of flat-chested women, since there isn’t a lot of fatty tissue to get in the way. University of Vienna researchers say small boobs are 24 per cent more sensitive than large boobs!

As a bonus, smaller boobs can also handle a lot more jiggling and wiggling so you have a wider range of positions you can try out without feeling sore.

2. You have a huge choice of cute bras and bikinis to choose from

One huge benefit of having not-so-huge breasts is definitely the wide range of fashion choices you get. Some of the cutest bras as well as bikini and workout tops just don’t work for the big-breasted.

Whereas those of us with smaller breasts can get away with ’em all!

Check out these super cute bras and bikinis, for example…









See what we mean? So freakin’ gorgeous.

3. You can go braless – without worrying about dreaded boob sag

As you just saw from above, bras are pretty to look at, but if you’re obligated to wear very supportive bras every single day – well, they can become bothersome, fast. Well guess what, you are one of the lucky few who can get away with going braless!


Aside from the obvious comfort the lack of that wire contraption strapped to your chest provides, it also comes with a bevy of benefits. A study in France that measured the nipple height of women over the course of 15 years showed that those who consistently forgo bras, have perkier and way less droopy boobs.

The reason? Allowing your boobs to swing free actually develops the ligaments around your breast tissue so your body can provide natural support through muscle formation. Bras hinder the development of these muscles since it provides external support without letting your body work for it.

Your perky boobs are also great for attracting the opposite sex since men are hardwired to think you’re younger than you really are. Not to mention that the bit of perky nipple action that shows when you’re braless are no doubt just as sexy as showing some cleavage from C cups.

4. Small boobs = Less chances of body pain

There are perils to wearing the wrong-sized bra especially if you’re too stacked in front. Smaller-chested women are relatively luckier since choosing a well-fitting bra isn’t so much an issue for them than it is for the double Ds of the world.

According to a study conducted by Bravissimo, a lingerie company, as much as 80% of women wear the wrong-sized bras since a lot of women want to squeeze into bras in cup sizes that are way too small for them.

A less than accurate bra size can mess up your body in a lot of ways. For example, a bad bra size can cause boob sag of as much as a 10cm droop if left uncorrected.

Being too blessed in the boob department also causes chronic pain in your back, shoulders and neck. If your bra size isn’t corrected for too long, it takes a toll on your posture too, causing you to slouch and get constant headaches. This in turn leads to much more serious problems that can affect your digestion or breathing patterns.

5. Small boobs = Less chance of breast cancer

The best way to beat breast cancer is through early detection, and you can keep yourself safe by conducting regular breast exams.

Not being too heavy in front means, you are more likely to detect potentially malignant bumps since there’s just less breast tissue to cover them up.

6. Exercise is actually comfortable

So you might not get attention for your stupendous cleavage, the good news is, you still have other body parts that you can work on to make heads turn. Hint: While you can’t really grow your breasts with exercise, you can definitely get a bigger butt at the gym.

Even better news? Women with smaller chests just have an easier and more comfortable time exercising.

First you don’t have to spend hours scouring sporting goods shops for a sports bra with ample support. With your smaller boobs you can just wear one of those cute and flimsy “athlesiure” tank tops with a built-in bralette, and you’re are well supported enough, not to mention very fashionable when it’s time to hit the gym.

Plus, there are loads – seriously, loads – of super cute workout tops that smaller-breasted women look amazing in…tops that the bigger-breasted women can’t really pull off. Like…

cute-sports-bra-for-small-breasts workout-bra-for-small-breasts


At the gym, you don’t have to limit your workouts either. High energy cardio activities like running laps or jumping jacks are not a problem at all since you don’t breasts don’t have to worry about your breasts bouncing around in everyone’s faces.

Exercises that involves you being flat on your stomach such as yoga, or medicine balls are fair game too since all these poses don’t spell torture on your breasts either.

6. There’s a bigger chance you’ll attract a high-quality man

This one’s a biggie – and one that most people don’t know about. You see, while huge bazonkas grabs the attention of almost everyone, those blessed with a smaller set are extra-attractive to specific types of men as well.

Studies show that financially secure and well-satiated men are more inclined to choose women with a smaller set of assets.

7. Shopping for clothes is funner!

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you spot a top you love and pray, pray, pray it’ll fit. It’s always frustrating for women with bigger chests to try on dresses that fit great everywhere else but are too stretched out across the chest. Lucky for you and your smaller boobs, this is hardly a problem.

You can also get away with more trends such as flimsy camisoles, bandage dresses, plunging tops, the list goes on and on with your breadth of outfit choices versus bigger breasted women who have to worry if their boobs would pop out of their tight outfits.

So rejoice, small-breasted women and take advantage of the many benefits of having small boobs – while you can 🙂

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