What is Herbal Breast Enhancement?

Herbal breast enhancement methods use the biological principle of hormonal balance to gently stimulate breast growth. This principle is really nothing new – for centuries, herbs have been used in various cultures throughout the world for beauty, overall health, and of course, breast enhancement.

Modern science is just becoming aware of the health and beauty benefits of various herbs, which are healthier and more cost-effective methods of breast augmentation.

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How Does Herbal Breast Enhancement Work?

Herbal breast enhancement works by stimulating or decreasing levels of specific hormones in the body. By mimicking the body’s hormones, herbal breast enhancement provides your body the building blocks necessary for breast growth.

What are the Hormones Involved in Herbal Breast Enhancement?

Estrogen, for example, is an important growth hormone excreted in the female body. It is a key factor in the growth of breasts and it is abundantly produced during puberty and pregnancy. By providing the body with phyto-estrogens, you are able to mimic and stimulate the breast growth that happens during puberty or pregnancy.

important hormones for breast growth Several of the more well-known breast enhancement herbs contain phyto-estrogens, which are very similar in composition and function to the human estrogen. Phyto-estrogens stimulate the adipose tissue of breasts, which cause breasts to become engorged and toned.

Other herbs, such as goat’s rue, increase prolactin while others act as anti-androgens, which helps breast enhancement by blocking the action of male sex hormones. There are still other herbs that have phyto-progestin qualities to them. We also recommend certain herbs not for the hormonal boost they provide, but rather for their ability to balance hormonal levels, which is crucial for natural breast enhancement.

What are the Best Herbal Breast Enhancement Products?

#1. Natureday

best herbal breast enhancement liquidWe try not to play favorites, but Natureday is by far our favorite brand for herbal breast enhancement. When looking at breast enhancement products, we look both at the efficacy of the product as well as the reputation of the brand.

Natureday is one of the pioneers in the field of herbal breast enhancement and has positive customer reviews across the board for most of their products. Their products are comprehensive – meaning they target breast enhancement internally through pills and liquids as well as through creams and soap. All the ingredients used are also 100% natural and contain the breast enhancement herbs Fenugreek, Fennel, Saw Palmetto, Blessed Thistle, and Dong Qua. All these herbs are offered in liquid extract form for more potency.

Our favorite thing about Natureday products is that their products work – and faster than expected.

If you’re considering herbal breast enhancement, we strongly recommend their herbal pill + liquid combination. You can get a 3-month supply of Fulfillment Breast Enlargement pills and liquid for $81.00 (just $27.00 per bottle).

For topicals, we strongly recommend their breast cream + breast soap combination.

Check out all of Natureday’s natural enhancement products here!

#2. Total Curve

total curve reviewTotal Curve is not just a herbal breast enhancement pill – it actually combines pills and a cream to work both internally and externally. What we especially like about this system is that they don’t use the same ingredients in their pills and as use in their cream – providing a more comprehensive approach to natural breast enhancement.

For example, their pills contain a lineup of phytoestrogenic herbs like Fennel, Hops, and Dong Quai (you can see all the ingredients in their pills here) while the cream contains Volufiline™ to increase fat cell production and storage in your breasts.

This tag team system works really well and we totally recommend Total Curve for those who want both herbal and Volufiline benefits without the risk of smelling like maple syrup-y curry (a downside of using Fenugreek for breast enhancement – it can make you smell and Total Curve does not use this particular herb).

Check out the Total Curve system here!

Want to get a proven, step-by-step system for growing bigger, fuller breasts with herbs? The C Cup Code comes with the most in-depth guide to herbal breast enhancement!

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