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7 Things You Should Know About Choosing the Best Bras for Small Breasts

There’s nothing like a gorgeous bra to make you feel so super spicy hot. At the same time – bras are something we tend to wear during all our waking hours and it can be challenging to find the perfect mix of gorgeous and comfortable.

Especially when your girls are on the smaller side – it seems like all the bra-choosing tips out there are intended for the super busty.

Well, no more – because your girls deserve a beautiful and comfortable bra to relax in as you journey through the world of natural breast enhancement. Growing naturally bigger breasts takes awhile so you’ll want to give your girls all the TLC they need on a daily basis as they ramp up for growth.

So, without further ado – here are 7 simple commandments for choosing the best bras for small breasts!

You still need to get fitted

It’s easy to think, “I don’t need a fitting, my breasts won’t be spilling out of or tight in anything I wear.” Not true, my gorgeous, petite one – not true at all.

As much as you want to just grab the smallest size bra and be done with it, keep in mind that things like the firmness of the band and secure-yet-comfortable support is as important for smaller breasts as they are for larger ones.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry so much about support (yet), but the firmness of the band is mighty important. Plan to spend around good half hour in a lingerie store to ensure that you get the proper fitting from the professionals.

The fit of the band matters

Actually – fit of the band matters a lot, as it’ll pretty much determine how well that bra works for you.

As a general rule, the loosest hook should be the perfect fit for your frame since bras get looser with constant laundering. To check for a good fit for the band, make sure that the band sits level on your back. Also take note that if you’re in the market for a padded bra, make sure it has ample back and side support to prevent your underwear from riding up.

When fitting a bra, make sure to stretch around to make sure that the bra stays in place. A good-fitting bra will allow you to lift and swing your arms around without worrying that your breasts will slip out of the sides or bottom of your bra.

3. Wires are just an option

You might be pressured to pick up bras with wires since they seem like the more adult choice, but remember that you have a bevy of wireless options that are both comfortable and fashionable.

If you do opt for wires though, make sure it looks natural underneath clothing. The best ones are usually the broader wires, since narrow wires cause smaller boobs to get squished into the walls of your chest and this can look unflattering under a dress. Make sure that if you do choose a wired bra, it’s flattering and serves it’s purpose to center your boobs.

4. Cup shape is important, padding isn’t

To maximize the natural shape of your boobs, a shallow shell-shaped cup almost always works in smoothing out your body’s silhouette, as an added bonus, it’s also one of the more comfortable styles in the market now.

As for the delicate issue on padding, this is your choice, don’t feel pressured to go for the push-up bras if it’s really not your style. On the other hand, if you’re on the market for extra padding, a pair of silicon inserts (sometimes called chicken cutlets) would be your best friend. They look more natural than the foam pads, and you can insert them in almost all bras that you already have at home.

6.) Don’t get too attached to your cup size

Once you’re done with your bra shopping, it might be tempting to just use the same sets over and over again. However, you have to be mindful of changes in your body. Boobs continue to fluctuate in size throughout our lives, increasing or decreasing by as much as a cup size at various intervals due to hormones, pregnancy, medication or aging.

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t adjust your bra support if you grow a fuller set of boobs. Make sure to always assess the comfort level of your lingerie rotation, and don’t hesitate to get measured again if you’re feeling discomfort.

7.) Don’t forget to experiment!

Remember that having a more modest pair of boobs are a great blessing in the clothing department. Don’t chain yourself to the practical choices all the time. allow yourself to have a bit of fun and buy a couple of trendy bralettes or lacy, lined camisoles that your fuller-chested friends will envy you for. Aside from the bevy of bra styles at your disposal. also remember that you have the privilege to go with just nipple tape or even bra-less without raising eyebrows, you lucky girl, you!

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