Bovine Ovary

You may never have heard of bovine ovary for breast enhancement before. Fact is, most of the natural breast enhancement products on the market are herbal and enhance breasts by supplying the body with phytoestrogen, which the human body converts to estrogen.

If you’ve tried phytoestrogenic herbs and have not had success, or if you already have enough estrogen in your body and think your stunted breast growth may be due to other factors – the preferred alternative is bovine ovary breast enlargement.

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What is Bovine Ovary breast enlargement?

Bovine Ovary breast enhancement is a form of “Glandular Therapy.” The concept of glandular therapy goes way back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who believed in the notion of similia similibus curatur, or “like cures like.” Bovine Ovary breast enlargement follows this theory: By ingesting the glandular substance of a certain animal, the human body can enhance and strengthen the function of its corresponding gland.

This type of therapy is not only used for breast enhancement, but also as a supplement for the body to receive vital enzymes important for various bodily functions.

Glandular therapy supplies these vitamins and minerals to the body in a very safe manner since this method has an adaptogenic effect, meaning that the animal glands will be adapted to the human body and act as a substitute by providing the substances the weak human glands fail to provide. This process begins the act of regenerating those tissues and cells.

How does Bovine Ovary cause breast growth?

As you may have already guessed, the “bovine” does indeed means “cow.” Bovine ovary breast enhancement supplements are derived from the specially-prepared and freeze-dried ovaries taken from a female cow. Once ingested, this bovine ovary works in the human body by gradually re-stimulating the pituitary gland – the body’s major hormone regulator – in order to reactivate your body’s natural growth hormones.

bovine ovary for breast enhancement


The pituitary gland itself controls the functions of the other endocrine glands and its responsibilities include growth hormone secretion, the stimulation of prolactin, and the secretion of hormones which affect the uterus, ovaries, and adrenal gland. Bovine ovary supplements stimulate this master gland, which reactivates the formant growth mechanism responsible for female breast development.

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Who can use Bovine Ovary?

Bovine Ovary breast enhancement supplements have proved highly effective as a natural hormone therapy for men looking to promote breast growth.

Bovine Ovary is also said to be safe for teenagers, once teens have passed their second year of menses.

Where can I get Bovine Ovary?

A number of sources sell Bovine Ovary, including some vitamins and supplements stores. Since we do not know about the source or quality of much of those Bovine Ovary pills, we do not recommend them on this site.

We currently recommend only one Bovine Ovary breast enhancement product:


swanson ovarian breast enhancement

Swanson Premium Raw Ovarian Glandular is a Bovine Ovary natural breast enhancement supplement made by the well-known health supplies manufacturer, Swanson.

On top of the positive reviews and very affordable price, we recommend their Raw Ovarian supplements because of the quality of their Bovine Ovary – their pills are made from clean and safe Argentinian cattle at Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified laboratories in the USA.
The Raw Ovarian Glandulars work to strengthen and stimulate your body’s hormone-producing glands, causing a sort of second puberty during which the body is able to build a storage of fatty breast tissue.

* You would need 2 bottles for a 1-month supply

***We are currently not recommending Bountiful Breast – possibly the most well-known and expensive bovine ovary suppliers in the natural breast enhancement market – due to chronic issues with their business practices.

As we mention again and again, we only recommend a few of the best breast enhancement products and those are the ones that:

1. Use the most potent yet natural ingredients and

2. Are backed by reliable companies

Given BB’s current issues and the fact that Swanson’s has a very high-quality and very affordably-priced comparable product, Swanson’s is our top recommendation.

Can I use breast enhancement creams while taking Bovine Ovary supplements?

The short answer is YES! and the long answer is Yes, but be careful what you use.

Because the skin directly absorbs what we put on it, it’s a great idea to use a complementary breast enhancement cream along with your Bovine Ovary pills. BUT – because Bovine Ovary pills affect your hormones, you don’t want any creams that are going to interfere with the hormonal changes caused by Bovine Ovary.

Our favorite cream to use with Bovine Ovary supplements right now is Gluteboost.

gluteboost cream reviewYes, this cream is intended for getting you a bigger butt – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to enhance the breasts as well.

And this is probably our favorite nonhormonal cream to use with BO right now for the simple fact that it contains both Volufiline and Voluplus. Voluplus is awesome because it stimulates the production of fat cells and increase the size of each fat cell while Volufiline is increases the amount of fats stored.

Together, they form the perfect tag team of plumping up your breasts – or butt. Check out all Gluteboost’s creams and specials here!

Or, if you want, you can check out our full list of the best, non-hormonal breast enhancement creams!

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