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Breast Enhancement Massage Methods

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: breast enhancement massage plays a super important supporting role in any natural breast enlargement method.

Just 20 to 30 minutes a day helps to:

1. Stimulate growth by increasing circulation to the breasts, which is key since the phytoestrogens you are feeding your body travels through the bloodstream and through massage, you are giving your breast receptors more opportunities to pick up on the materials they need to grow.

2. Promote prolactin production, which is helpful since prolactin is one of the key breast-enlarging hormones. It can be triggered by touch – such as regularly stimulation of both the breasts and the nipples.

So how do you start giving your breasts the benefits of a breast enlargement massage? Well, there are a few effective methods below. Feel free to try them all out, experiment and go with what works best for you!

Breast Enlargement Massage Technique #1. The Chi Massage

The Chi Massage is one of the easiest – and most effective – breast enhancing massage methods to date. You can do it in the shower, at work (in a bathroom stall :)), while watching TV, etc.

To start, simply:

1. Rub your hands together to generate some heat so that they’ll be warm as you start the massage. Another option is to use a heat pack to gently warm up your breasts – increasing circulation and blood flow in the area – before you start the massage.

2. Cup a hand over each breast. Your right hand goes over your right breast and your left hand goes over your left breast, like so:

breast enlargement massage

Spread your fingers out so that your breasts are fully cupped and supported by your hands. But let your nipples peek out through your fingers so that you are not stimulating them too much during the massage.

3. Begin to move your breasts in a circular motion in an inward direction. This means each of your breasts will be going in a full circle, starting away and upwards from each other and going towards and downwards to each other. Like so:

chi massage for breasts

Aim to do a total of 300 full circles for each breast – it only takes around 10 minutes for the full 300, anyway.

Here’s a video – the massage starts around 1:15

Tips for doing the Chi Massage:

  • The angle and the constant rotations can be a bit hard on the arms – in which case, you can simply use the right hand for your left breast and your left hand for your right breast and do your breasts separately, which might take longer but is less strain on the arms.
  • For maximum results, make sure that you’re moving your actual breast tissue with each rotation and not just circling your hands over your breasts.
  • Remember to leave your nipples alone as much as you can during the massage as they can get really sensitive and even chafed.
  • It’s best to pair the Chi Massage with an oil or a breast enhancement cream. The ideal method would be to use a heat pack for 3 minutes to gently warm up your breasts, apply a breast enhancement cream of your choice (mixed with a little of one of the best breast massage oils to ease the friction), and then to perform the Chi Massage rotations.
  • Keep in mind that your breasts may swell as well as feel tender, sore and even itchy after this massage.

Breast Enlargement Massage Technique #2. Fat Transfer Massage

A great breast enhancing massage to follow your Chi Rotations is the fat transfer (or skin brushing) massage.

It was made famous by Chiyomilk – living (and very busty) proof that natural breast enlargement does indeed work – and targets the best of both worlds by decreasing fat in your belly and increasing the fat in your breasts.

To start, simply:

1. Rub your hands together to produce heat or use a heat pack for 3 to 5 minutes before you start.

2. With open hands, begin sweeping the fat from the waist and upper arms into the breasts themselves.

Like so:


Tips for doing the Fat Transfer Massage:

  • In our experience, this massage is much easier – and more pleasant – with a good boobie massage oil. Coconut oil is the BEST for this since it’s light and pleasant-smelling so you can moisturize your torso while at the same time massaging your breasts. The other breast massage oils are, to be honest, a bit too thick for the fat transfer massage (you don’t want borage oil all over your armpits and upper arms).

The above two breast enlargement massage techniques are both super simple and highly effective to both do and memorize.

But if you have the time to experiment with and learn a few more massage techniques, check out the ones by FemFigure. They’re not as complicated as they first appear and within a few tries, you’ll probably memorize them as well!

Breast massage is great, but don’t forget that you’ll get the biggest, fastest results by combining a few methods together into a more holistic approach. We’ve outlined the most effective ways and exactly how to use them in the detailed Program Guides included in the C Cup Code – start growing your breasts today!

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