Breast Enlargement Hypnosis

Do you often find yourself wishing that your breasts were firmer, larger, more attractive in size and shape but are unwilling to undergo surgery to achieve that “look” you want? As strange as it sounds, the potent power of your mind can be used to enhance your breast size safely and completely naturally.

Breast enhancement through self-hypnosis is a completely safe, free way to test out the power of your mind and grow bigger breasts. If you already possess the ability to conjure up powerful imagery in your mind, you also possess the power to think yourself to bigger breasts.

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You see, the body is a reflection of the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are held by your subconscious mind and the cells in your body follow this subconscious blueprint. If you are currently holding onto a blueprint of being lacking in your breast area, you’re impeding your breast growth without even knowing it.

The good news is that this subconscious blueprint can be changed. By impressing the image of your desired breasts onto your subconscious, you can change the blueprint that your subconscious is currently holding of your breasts.

The process is simple and depends entirely on you. Simply find a quiet, relaxing place and focus all your thoughts and energy into your breasts. Vividly imagine that they are growing into rounded, perky, firm breasts. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you would feel at possessing such a lovely pair of breasts. Do this everyday for at least three weeks, for 15 minutes per day.

Try to visualize the flow of energy being directed into your breasts, as well as the fat that is building up and plumping up your breasts. Relinquish any anxiety and worries that you have and focus everything into imagining that your breasts are bigger and shapely. Always remember to let all the emotions that these visualizations produce to wash over you. Feel happy and giddy about your body as it is and as what it is becoming.

And watch as your breasts grow.

If you have difficulty concentrating and creating imagery in the beginning, we highly recommend GainBust – they teamed up with Jacques Jacobs, a renowned hypnotherapist to create a program that’ll introduce you to a new technique in hypnotic breast enlargement that can increase your breast circumference by 2-4 inches.

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