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Why Your Body Temperature is Crucial for Success with Natural Breast Enhancement

If you’re just starting out on natural breast enhancement – this might be the first time in your life you even gave a second thought to your body temperature. You might be only reading this article because you’re considering going the bovine ovary route and you know that the first step is making sure your body temperature is at a certain level.

But did you know that low body temperature is not just a concern for prepping your body for BO pills – it also has implications for your overall health and thus, any breast enhancement method you choose.

Why? Because low body temp is a clear indicator of lowered metabolism and low thyroid function. This is crucial since metabolism is more than “something that helps you get skinny” – it’s essentially how well your cells are able to convert fuel into energy.

This is oh, so important for your whole body since every cell and organ in your body – from your brain and nervous system to your endrocrine system and all its hormones – needs energy to function and relies upon how well your cells are able to produce this energy. A low metabolism affects all your body’s systems.

And a basal body temperature just one degree lower can bring down your metabolism by 13%! That’s why low body temp is important for more than just your success with BO pills – it’s a strong indication of low metabolism, which is why if you have consistently low body temperatures, you’ve probably experienced some of these not-so-fun symptoms:

  • Cold hands and feet (pretty much everyone with low body temp is familiar with “icy feet”)
  • Having to pee often
  • Thin and brittle hair and nails (wonder how you can never grow your nails out without them breaking?)
  • Dry skin and/or skin conditions like acne and eczema
  • A tendency to put on weight in the mid-section
  • Fatigue and a wired/tired sort of drastic range in energy levels
  • PMS, infertility, low sex drive and other hormonal imbalances
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular bowel movement
  • Poor digestion

So how does the thyroid factor into all this? Your thyroid is your metabolic control center. It produces and regulates hormones and low thyroid function affects your body’s ability to control its production of hormones that affect weight, moods, and you guessed it – breast enlargement. Find out more about thyroid and body temperature. 

Whether you’re taking bovine ovary, pueraria mirifica or going the herbal breast enhancement route – the first step in booby growth is making sure your body temperature is at the normal level by supporting thyroid health. Do it for your entire body and of course, your breasts 😉

And don’t forget to check out all-natural ways to boost your body temp!

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