Acne on Bovine Ovary? Some Tips to Keep You Acne Free

Bovine Ovary supplements work by stimulating your body’s major hormone regulator in order to reactivate your body’s natural growth hormones – effectively re-creating a second puberty.

This is wonderful news for your breasts, but not so much for your skin. If you shudder at the thought of re-living your teenage acne, here are some tips.

1. Clean thoroughly

Yes, this is quite obvious and we’re sure you do so anyway, but take extra caution while you’re on Bovine Ovary supplements. Cleanse your face with non-comedogenic, gentle cleaners. Use something like our personal favorite – Clarisonic’s Electric Face Brush – to keep your face completely free of any makeup or dirt that can cause breakouts.

acne bovine ovary

You can also opt for a cheaper version, Olay Pro-X, to make sure you get all the make-up and everyday smog and grime off your lovely pores!

2. Spot treat

If you notice one or two pimples rearing their ugly heads, grab a bottle of Organic Tea Tree Oil – it’s an all-natural and incredibly effective way to clean your pores and spot treat those uglies!

Of course, if tea tree oil isn’t your thing – there are a whole host of other, skin-clearing acne remedies that work on your face as well as your body. So you can keep both pimples off your face and avoid zitty titties!

3. Fight the testosterone!

Acne is in part caused by testosterone. You can simply introduce some anti-androgens (testosterone blockers) to your system by sipping some lovely spearmint tea. This is a delicious solution for both acne-free skin and natural breast enhancement – not to mention that spearmint tea has also been shown to be effective for fighting hirsutism (excess hairiness).

So if you’d like to save your skin, boost breast growth, and get rid of unwanted hair – well, you know what to sip!

4. Switch to plant protein

If you want the best results with Bovine Ovary, you’re going to want to take a daily protein powder. And we usually recommend whey protein, since it’s the most effective for growing breasts alongside Bovine Ovary.

BUT if you tend to be acne-prone, you might not want to mess with whey protein. Why? Well, whey protein can, unfortunately, cause acne. You see, whey protein contains hormones that help stimulate breast growth but these same hormones also stimulate sebum production and skin cell growth as well.

So what’s a girl to do? We recommend that if you’re worried about acne, you go for whey protein isolate rather than whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is worse for acne since it contains more of the intact milk hormones that cause acne while whey protein isolate has been more processed to get rid of most of the non-protein stuff.

As for those of you with intensely acne-prone skin, skip all the whey protein powders altogether and get yourself on a plant-based protein like hemp protein powder. This stuff is non-hormonal, all-natural, chock full of protein and healthy fiber. And you won’t have to worry about acne 🙂

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