How to Maximize Your Breast Enhancement Cream

Are you doing enough to get the full benefits of your breast enhancement product? Follow these tips to make your breast cream or lotion really work for you:

1. Exfoliate beforehand

Exfoliation is a must. The benefits of exfoliation are two-fold: it helps to remove the dead skin on your breasts so that your product will absorb better and it also encourages better circulation in the area.

Not to mention, exfoliating before massage ensures that whatever else you have on your skin is completely removed before applying any of the product. You can whip up your own DIY exfoliator using sugar and coconut oil or you can practice the dry brushing technique.

2. Don’t forget to give your girls a massage

Massage either before, during, or after you apply your product. Massaging not only aids absorption, but is an integral part of breast growth, firming, and shaping as well. You see, it stimulates breast growth by promoting blood flow to your breasts, which allows natural hormones and estrogens from the diet to reach the breast tissue more effectively. It’s believed that the receptors in breast tissue will respond better to estrogen after massage.

Not to mention that just squeezing your breasts regularly is meant to help prevent breast cancer…get some great breast enlargement massage techniques!

3. Heat those breasts!

Follow the massage with a heating pad. The heat helps to open your pores so that your skin can better absorb the product. It also encourages blood to flow to the heated area, which also promotes breast growth.

An important part of natural breast enhancement is experimentation. Because every individual is so different, what may work for you may not work for others.

Try out the various breast enhancement creams and lotions as well as the numerous massage techniques until you hit that sweet spot that makes your breasts grow.

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