Noogleberry Tips for Maximum Growth

Noogleberry is one of our absolute favorite best breast enlargement pumps on the market for 3 reasons: It’s simple to use, it actually works, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Read our full review of Noogleberry!

Plus, we love the leniency of the device – you can pretty much “spot treat” with it by positioning the cups toward the tops of your breasts to fill in sagginess and if you have if one breast is bigger than the other, you can also give a little TLC to the smaller breast. No other breast enhancement product offers this kind of customization 🙂

That being said, there are a number of ways you can get the most out your Noogleberry experience. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

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1. Begin with a breast enhancement topical.

Before you begin pumping with Noogleberry, gently massage with a natural breast enhancement topical. This is awesome for overall breast enhancement since the skin allows direct absorption.

Click here for the best Pueraria Mirifica topicals, here for the best herbal extract topicals, and for what you should use when you’re on Bovine Ovary.

2. Heat those breasts!

After applying the topical, apply a heating pad to your breasts for 5 to 10 minutes to help the topical absorb better and to warm up your breasts for your Noogleberry session.

3. Use an oil

Oils are great because they moisturize your breasts and help the Noogleberry cups suction better. You can even make your own blend of special Noogle-friendly oils to increase your swelling – check our best breast enhancement oils for a list of what to use!

4. H2O

Drink plenty of water before and while you’re pumping. This really helps the swelling – plus, it’s great for you.

5. Tape up your nipples

If you want bigger breasts but you don’t want your nipples expanding, you might want to tape them up before you start pumping. You can use regular tape (but it doesn’t hold too well and well, we don’t love putting glue on our precious nips), a big bandaid or silicone nipple covers. Just make sure to put them on before you apply oils to your breasts.

6. Careful with the pressure

It’s tempting to just keep pumping and pumping and watch those breasts swell up – but careful there – you want to go easy on your breasts. Just a gentle pressure will do, just enough to swell up your breasts.

7. Get rid of those pesky red circles

Speaking of pressure – you’re going to be wearing these cups around your breasts and the edges can dig into your skin, causing red indentations. To minimize this, invest in padding for the cups (you can get them at the Noogleberry site).

And to soothe and protect your red skin afterwards, we recommend using natural oils. You can make yourself a great mixture by using a good carrier oil (base oil) like flaxseed, coconut oil and adding in a few drops of essential oils like German chamomile (soothes and calms the skin while aiding tissue regeneration), calendula (reduces pain and swelling), and our personal favorite – St. John’s wort (heals inflamed, damaged skin).

8. Increase your mobility

The one really annoying thing about Noogleberry-ing is that it’s sort of difficult to walk around and get things done with two big plastic domes and a pump attached to your boobs.

That’s why we really, really recommend you get an airlock. Like its name suggests, airlocks allows you to disconnect the pump without any air escaping so you walk around and do other things without the pump swinging off your boobs.

9. Divvy up your Noogleberry pump time

Try to get a session in during the morning and a session in the evening. This way, you’ll have swelling all day and you’ll be able to gradually get your breasts used to the pumping and expanding.

10. Sign up at the Noogleberry forum for discounts

This one isn’t so much a tip on using Noogleberry but it’s useful nonetheless – especially for when you’ll be upgrading to the bigger cups 🙂

You’ll get a 10% discount just for signing up for their forum.

11. Complement the external with the internal

As you’re expanding your breasts externally, you can also speed up and maximize your natural breast enhancement endeavors by taking an internal enhancement pill. There are several options available, depending on your goals and body type.

Click here to read more about herbal breast enhancement. And here to read about breast growth with Pueraria Mirifica. And lastly, here to read about Bovine Ovary breast enhancement.

12. Stay motivated!

After a few weeks of Noogle-ing your boobs off with little to no results, it’s easy to get discouraged and be tempted to stop. Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that says it’s not going to work for you!

Instead, check out some Noogleberry before and after success stories to see what’s possible for your breasts with time and perseverance!

Happy Noogling!

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