Bovine Ovary Side Effects

So, your interest is piqued by the benefits of Bovine Ovary for breast enhancement but you’re wary of the potential side effects. Rightly so! Although glandular therapy has been around for centuries, there is not much scientific research done on the long-term effects of Bovine Ovary ingestion.

Because we consume forms of Bovine Ovary on an everyday basis – cow’s milk, cheese, etc. – Bovine Ovary glandular therapy is considered fairly safe. Yet, there are some precautions you should take to make sure this journey is as safe as it is fulfilling (literally)!

For example, the quality of the cows involved is a factor to consider. There are many breast enhancement supplement companies that have included Bovine Ovary in their list of ingredients, yet it is not entirely certain where exactly their ovaries come from or how they are harvested.

seriously. we just don’t know about these cows.

This is one of the reasons we only recommend ONE product on this site – Swanson’s Raw Ovarian Glandular, which is made from Argentinian cattle according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified laboratories in the USA.

But even with these products, you may experience some side effects. Here are some common side effects of Bovine Ovary and what you can do to alleviate them.

1. Acne

Because Bovine Ovary re-creates a second puberty for your hormones, it is able to grow underdeveloped breasts, but it is also capable of returning that teenage acne back to you.

Find out how to clear your acne without interfering with your bovine ovary supplements.

2. Weight gain

For Bovine Ovary to have its full effect, you need to consume enough protein. This is great for the breasts, but shooting down protein shakes on a daily basis can have an enhancing effect on parts of your body where you don’t desire growth.

Find out how to get enough protein to grow your breasts and lose weight at the same time.

3. Headaches

You may experience headaches while your body adjusts to the increase of hormones in your body. Please consult your doctor and take a break or stop taking the pills if the headaches continue.

5. Allergic Reaction

If you experience an allergic reaction to the pills, stop taking them immediately and consult a physician.

6. Changes in your menses

Women taking Bovine Ovary supplements have reported both heavier and lighter periods. If you experience severe cramping or extremely heavy periods, please consult your doctor.

7. Increased hair growth

This is usually a welcome side effect. We offer no solution for it.

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