What You Must Know Before Taking Bovine Ovary

1. Not all cows are made equal

Before you purchase your Bovine Ovary supplements, please check the company for their ovaries’ source. There are plenty of Bovine Ovary supplements being sold, yet most of these companies are not reputable and cannot vouch for the source of their products.

This is the main reason we only recommend ONE bovine ovary product on this site – Swanson’s Raw Ovarian Glandular. 


The company is not just another breast enhancement company – they’re a long-standing producer of vitamins and natural supplements and their bovine ovary pills are made from Argentinian cattle according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified laboratories in the USA.

2. Stay away from phytoestrogens

Bovine Ovary promotes breast growth by reactivating your body’s natural growth hormones. You don’t want to interfere with your body’s natural production of progesterone and estrogen by adding phytoestrogens into the mix.

You may already be using a breast enhancement cream to supplement your bovine ovary pills – which is a great idea since skin directly absorbs natural breast enhancement products – check to make sure it isn’t made using phytoestrogenic herbs (most breast creams are).

Our favorite breast cream to use alongside Bovine Ovary supplements is Gluteboost.

gluteboost cream reviewGluteboost is totally non-hormonal and it’s the only plumping cream we know that contains the potent mix of Voluplus and Volufiline.

Both ingredients are proven effective for increasing fat cell production and storage and of all the best non-hormonal creams – this tops the list.

3. Know your body temperature

Or, more specifically, make sure that your body temperature is safely above 98.2 degrees. If it is not, the Bovine Ovary supplement will not be effective. If your body temperature is consistently low, find out why and follow the best body temperature raising tips to quickly – and safely – boost your temp.

You can also drink delicious ginger tea.

4. Protein is your friend

Most hormones are made of protein, so you can think of protein as the building blocks for your growing breasts. It is important to get enough protein in your diet while taking Bovine Ovary supplements.

what you need to know about bovine ovary

We highly recommend whey protein – in case you are wondering why, whey is the fluid that remains of the milk of any animal after cheese-making. Whey protein supplies the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks in creating hormones, skin, hair, muscles, organs and blood.

You can also skip the protein powder altogether (although they are more convenient for accurately measuring your protein intake) and just make sure you get enough protein in your diet.

Here is a useful little protein calculator to see how much protein you should be getting.

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Johanna - June 26, 2018

OK… Sorry for the long message that is about to begin, but I wanted to make sure i was thorough in my explanation as to receive the best responses from here. I am a 52 year old, 153 lbs male, in perfect health, proportionately. I am about 7 months into my journey and I did not start initially with Bovine Ovary Glandular. I originally started on plant based phytoestrogens. I had Diabetes and was able to get off of pharmaceutical glucose med with the help of Fenugreek and Red Clover Tops. I would like to continue these as I am not a fan of the drugs. I am taking 6000 Mg of Fenugreek, 2400 Mg Red Clover Tops, 1800 Mg Saw Palmetto, 80 Mg Black Cohosh 3200 Mg Maca Root and 630 Mg Dong Quai divided up twice a day. Half in the morning and half in the evening. As prescribed by my doctor after the diabetes diagnosis, I am also on a pretty heavy vitamin regiment. 250 Mcg B5, 1000 Mcg B12, 100 Mcg of B, 500 Mcg D3, 10000 Mg Biotin (for hair and skin) a multivitamin for everything else and a full strength 325 Mg Asprin for an anti-clot med. Its a lot of pills to take a day but I have been doing it for 7 months regularly. I started my Swanson’s Bovine regiment about a month and a half ago. I have been taking the recommended doses of 500 Mg 3 times a day and also the Swanson’s Multi-Glandular twice a day. I have started seeing a nice improvement in the size of my chest. I started out pretty much flat chested and now am at a medium to larger sized A cup. I have been supplementing my diet with 32 oz of soy milk a day and a whey protein drink several times a week. I am not a big fan of the whey cause it doesn’t taste as good as the soy. I do get other sources of protein daily and eat plenty of pistachio nuts. I am not into sweets and junk foods and eat a very healthy diet. That is the “what” I’ve been taking and now comes the questions. With the Bovine regiment, is it necessary to take all of the rest of the plant based estrogen or can I cut down on them? Also, will continued use daily of the Swanson’s continue to enlarge my chest further? As mentioned in this article, I have been using a Progesterone topical that contains 1.95% Progesterone twice a day for 3 weeks out of the month and a week of topical collagen in the off week. Will this help stimulate growth? It was stated in other articles that using both the animal regiment and the plant regiment was not recommended as it overloaded the body with too much estrogen. please let me know if this is correct. I have not noticed any adverse side effects, aside the occasional headache after taking my evening handful of supplements. I hope this gets to people that will help me make the right decision! Thanks in advance!

William - June 2, 2018

I used the Raw Ovarian started last year in september worked great then ran out for 2 weeks before the next shipment arrived then they stopped growing just finished with the last of them june 2 and they are now shrinking

Francesca - January 20, 2017

I am just starting the SOG pills hope to have sensitive nipples soon.

steve - January 3, 2017

i am a male who wants hips not boobs what do i take so i would get boobs when i take raw ovarian glandular

steve - December 28, 2016

can i as a male grow a bigger butt with hips

steve - December 26, 2016

i am a male looking to gain some bigger booty bnut not breasts what should i do

Clayton H. Vereen - October 27, 2014

I am a man & I have been on female breast pills over 13 months > I want to grow female Breast & be feminine transgender . Clayton H. vereen I am taken Bountiful breast enhancements.

    alice lei - October 27, 2014

    Hi Clayton, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences – I’m sure you’re already aware of the permanent nature of BB, right? Can you share your experience with us? Are you using anything else to supplement your growth and how has your natural breast enhancement journey been so far?

      katiketa - July 5, 2016

      Hi Clayton, what has been the result of this 13 months
      plus another 20 months bountiful breast enhancements ?

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