The Best Bovine Ovary Pills

Bovine Ovary breast enhancement is a form of glandular therapy, which is based on the idea that “like cures like. As such, by ingesting the glandular substance of a certain animal, the human body can enhance and strengthen the function of its corresponding gland.

Bovine Ovary pills work exactly in this way, by gradually re-stimulating the pituitary gland – the body’s major hormone regulator – in order to reactivate your body’s natural growth hormones. This brings about a sort of second puberty, inducing a growth spurt for women who may not have grown enough during puberty or for women who would simply like a second growth spurt.

There are many Bovine Ovary supplements on the market today, but it is often difficult to ascertain the quality and origins of the ovaries they are using.

This is one of the reasons we recommend only ONE brand of bovine ovary pills.


swanson ovarian breast enhancement

Swanson Premium Raw Ovarian Glandular is a Bovine Ovary natural breast enhancement supplement made by the well-known health supplies manufacturer, Swanson.

On top of the positive reviews and very affordable price, we recommend their Raw Ovarian supplements because of the quality of their Bovine Ovary – their pills are made from clean and safe Argentinian cattle at Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified laboratories in the USA.

The Raw Ovarian Glandulars work to strengthen and stimulate your body’s hormone-producing glands, causing a sort of second puberty during which the body is able to build a storage of fatty breast tissue.

The pills are made from Argentinian cattle according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at GMP certified laboratories in the USA

***We are currently not recommending Bountiful Breast – possibly the most well-known and expensive bovine ovary suppliers in the natural breast enhancement market – due to chronic issues with their business practices.

As we mention again and again, we only recommend a few of the best breast enhancement products and those are the ones that:

1. Use the most potent yet natural ingredients and

2. Are backed by reliable companies

Given BB’s current customer service issues and the fact that Swanson’s has a very high-quality and very affordably-priced comparable product, Swanson’s is our top recommendation.

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