Q&A: Will Using a Breast Enlargement Pump Make My Nipples Bigger?

Hi, I want to use a breast enhancement pump but I already have big nipples and I don’t want to risk making them any bigger. Will these pumps enhance my nipples as well as my boobs?

Thanks for writing in and we totally feel you on this. If you have small-ish boobs and already big nipples, this is a very understandable concern so unsurprisingly – a question we get a lot. Unfortunately, the answer is not really a simple yes or no.

Overall, breast pumps aren’t really known to cause large nipples.

But then again – each and every breast enhancement method affects each individual differently. More people use breast pumps for several months without it affecting nipple size but some may have a different experience. Also, you have to consider other breast enhancement ingredients you might be taking that could play a role in enhancing nipple size.

And of course, there’s always the chance that as your overall breasts get bigger, your nipples will probably expand in proportion to your enlarged breast size.

If you’re worried about, there are precautions you can take. A simple, effective one is to tape your nipples with silicone nipple covers before you start pumping. You can also use bandaids but make sure you get the stretchy, bigger, round or square ones with tape all-around to cover your whole nipple, like these.

Hope that helps and happy growing!

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