How to Noogle: A Definitive Guide to Getting Bigger Breasts with the Noogleberry

Congratulations, the Noogleberry is finally in your hands! There will be plenty of excitement in unboxing your breasts’ new best friend, but when you see the device, its normal to feel a bit confused and intimidated.

The biggest misconception with the Noogleberry is that it will hurt you, and some folk think that pain is really part of the process (it’s not).

Done right, the Noogleberry is quite pleasant to use and may even become something you look forward to using everyday. And we’re going to make it easy-peasy for you to get started on the right foot with your Noogleberry so you can get maximum growing benefits with minimum discomfort.

Ready to get started?

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The Pre-Pump: What You Should Know

To get the most benefits from your Noogleberry, it’s helpful to keep in mind a few tips before you start pumping.

1. Begin with a great oil and a massage

One of the challenges of the Noogleberry is to keep the suctions in place, this is why we recommend that you massage using one of the best breast oils, prior to using the device.

coconut oil for breast massage

To hit two birds with one stone, combine your oil with a breast enhancement cream (such as those containing Pueraria Mirifica or other breast enhancement herbs).

Turn it into a routine by massaging the oil into your breasts in a deliberate but soothing way, to get your circulation flowing and your breasts relaxed and ready for the growth to come!

2. Apply some heat

Applying a warm compress on your breasts for as short as 10 minutes would help it absorb the topical breast enlargement oils and warm up your breasts (increasing circulation to your breast area) so they’ll respond better to the Noogling session!

3. Tape up your nipples

This is completely optional since using the Noogleberry, even daily, won’t affect your nipple size.

But if you’re happy with your nipple size and don’t want to risk making them bigger , tape them up with a band aid that covers your whole nipple or silicone nipple tapes (make sure to put it on before you apply oil so the adhesive works well) prior to your Noogle session!

4. Padding is always a good idea

Since you’ll be attaching the suction cups to your breasts, its common for women to complain that the device chafes the skin and causes angry-looking red circles around your breasts. To avoid this, you can spend a few extra bucks and buy custom-fit padding for your Noogleberry from their website.

noogleberry tips

In case you still see red circles post-pumping, go back to tip #1 – natural oils really help curb the redness and discomfort.

5. Drink lots of water

To maximize the increase in size from the Noogleberry, be sure to stay hydrated. The more water you take in the larger the swelling you can expect. Plus, water has a ton of other body benefits, so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

6. Watch the pressure

Some women go trigger happy and put so much pressure on their breasts thinking this will speed up growth. It does not – at best, it’ll just leave your breasts irritated and at worst, it can injure your delicate breasts. So how much pressure is good? According to Noogleberry, a gentle, constant pressure is recommended to get the intended effect.

Note: Instead of trying to increase the pumping pressure to get your breasts to grow, instead increase the time you pump. If you’re starting out with very small breasts, putting in a little more time daily can make a huge difference.

Alright, now that we got the pre-pumping preparations covered, let’s move on to how to best pump those gorgeous breasts of yours!

The Pumping: Most Popular Noogle Techniques

Noogling preferences vary for every woman, and not all noogling techniques are made alike. Those who have been using it for years have already developed routines and methods to maximize breast enlargement.

how to use noogleberry

In this guide, we’ll give you a run down of the most popular techniques, and it’s up to you to try them all out to determine the breast pumping technique that works well for you.

Noogleberry Technique #1. Pump and Release (Also known as the 7:2 method)

The pump and release method is recommended for those in search of perky, round and full breasts. Basically you pump and suction continuously for 7 minutes, and then release the pressure for two minutes and massage your breasts. This cycle will be repeated until you have pumped for an hour.

noogleberry pumping techniques

The theory behind it is that by having more constant releases throughout the hour, you allow blood flow back into your breasts and it jumpstarts the process of creating new breast tissue.

The massaging part between the pumping is also very important since it stimulates breast growth, and puts the shape back into the sides of your breasts that were flattened when you attached the dome. Be sure to use a bit of oil and rub your hands together before you start massaging so there will be a bit of warmth.

Some women modify this technique, by doing 10 minutes of pumping and 3 minutes of massage in between. Be very observant the first few times you try your Noogleberry so you know which techniques cause the most growth from your breasts.

Noogleberry Technique #2. Pump and Hold

Unlike the Pump and Release technique, the Pump and Hold is exactly what it sounds like: you pump and instead of releasing, you hold the suction. To pull this off, you’ll want to pump your breasts until you reach a medium pressure, and then just keep that suction to maintain the pressure (unlike in the previous technique wherein you remove the suction to massage the breasts).

If you’re in a rush or have less than an hour to spare for noogling, this technique is recommended since it’s more straightforward. However, this method is not recommended if you’re going for an hour long session since it might cause bruising when done at longer intervals.

Noogleberry Technique #3. Hydronoogling

Some women are fans of hydronoogling because they see more swelling and bigger boobs as a result of pumping. In simple terms, hydronoogling is just using your Noogleberry with water inside the domes before suctioning it on to your breast, warm water is preferred for a more relaxing effect.

Keep in mind that despite the simple explanation, hydronoogling is a little harder to get the hang of and will take a bit of practice.

One of the challenges is getting the suction to stick while there is water inside the domes. It’s recommended you try hydronoogling in the bath or while pumping over the sink first to get the hang of it since the process can get messy.

Noogleberry Technique #4. Snoogling

A clever play on the words noogle and sleep, snoogling is simply using your Noogleberry while you snooze. For women who are fans of snoogling, they typically do it for around 3 hours a night, so it’s imperative to stay comfortable. The first rule is to use only the minimum pressure required.

To successfully snoogle, you’ll want to have the padding around the domes, to minimize chafing. Next you’ll want to invest in a good quality sports bra with a zip up front to keep the domes in place even if you move around.


Some women also recommend generously slathering your breasts with a thick coat of lubricant such as petroleum jelly or a thick oil to keep skin supple and stretchy despite prolonged pumping.

Different factors affect the success of your breast pumping, so make sure to carefully observe (some women even have daily pumping diaries to track progress and measurements) the effects while you experiment with new pumping techniques.

What may work for the majority may not work as well for you, so don’t be afraid to play around and experiment. The most important thing is that your noogling experience is an overall pleasant one (wincing in pain is definitely not supposed to be part of the experience) and one you look forward to doing everyday.

Always remember that it’s the consistency of your Noogleberry use that will ultimately determine the increase in your cup size, so choose a technique that’s most comfortable for you and your breasts!

Helpful Tips for Achieving Noogleberry Success

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the Noogleberry, we scoured the very helpful forums on the official Noogleberry website for the best tips for Noogling your way to bigger breasts!

1. Purple breasts? Here’s the fix.

Disruptions in blood flow can cause your breast to turn a scary looking shade of purple, and it’s not very healthy to cut off circulation from the breasts. To keep this from happening lean over every once in a while (maybe when you massage your breasts if you’re using the 7:2 method) to get the blood to rush back to your breasts. As an added bonus this also increases the swelling effect which results in bigger looking boobs.

2. Haunted by red dots?

Hickey-like red dots also have a tendency to appear if you Noogle daily. The best way to ward them off is to keep a tube of arnica cream or gel close by to get rid of the spots. Also note that these red spots are actually broken capillaries and may be an indication that you are pumping too hard. Lower the pressure of your pumping to keep the spots from appearing again.

3. Look to the mirror for clues

If you’re new to Noogling, it’s recommended to start your first few pump sessions in front of a mirror, so you can monitor the reaction of your breasts and to see if you’re doing the pumping properly.

4. Massage more for better Noogle results

Aside from habitual noogling, throwing in a longer more thorough massage as part of your breast enhancement routine also helps a lot. It’s generally not recommended to massage your breasts right after you Noogle since it can decrease the swelling, so it’s better to do the massage beforehand.

There is a specific massage technique to help increase breast size. You start off with circular rotations around the breast, using your right hand for the right breast, and vice versa.

Start with the outsides of the breast and work your way inwards and towards the bottom of the breast, around 100 – 300 rotations done twice daily would yield the best results to complement your efforts with the Noogleberry. To keep the massage from seeming like a chore, do the massage while you’re in a relaxing bath with warm water and sweet smelling essential oils.

5. Stay consistent!

The Noogleberry is anything but a quick fix solution. To obtain maximum effects, expect to pump twice daily for hour long sessions to really get the swelling going. And remember that you’ll want to commit to doing this for the long haul – it usually takes two to three months before you start to notice lasting growth instead of temporary swelling.

But stick with it, and you’ll find yourself with bigger, firmer, rounder breasts. For inspiration, check out the Noogleberry success stories, visualize your newly bigger, growing breasts and pump on!

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