Natural Breast Enhancement for Tubular Breasts

If you are one of many women with tubular breasts, you may be interested in the natural breast enhancement journey for more than just breast growth – you want a shapely roundness as well. Both are possible, although your final result will depend on factors such as the severity of your tubular breasts.

What are tubular breasts?

Tubular Breast Syndrome is a condition that usually manifests at the onset of puberty and is caused by an insufficient development of breast tissue. This lack of tissue means that your breasts will grow far apart from each other and tend to sag, producing breasts with big, fleshy areolas and not enough cushion on the chest.

This condition is essentially caused by the incomplete development of the breasts’ mammary gland.

Although the appearance of tubular breasts ranges from minor breast constriction to sever deformity, most tubular breasts have the same main characteristics: a higher breast crease, a shorter distance between the fold of the nipple, and a narrow, rather than round, breast.

How can Natural Breast Enhancement help tubular breasts?

Natural breast enhancement can help both the size and shape of mildly tubular breasts. For women with tubular breasts, we mostly recommend taking bovine ovary supplements to round out the breast area. Because bovine ovary stimulates the endocrine system, it is able to revert your body – and your hormones – back into puberty mode, which is when tubular breasts begin to develop due to poor diet, stress, etc.

Click here to learn more about Bovine Ovary.

For tubular breasts, we don’t recommend considering herbal products or Pueraria Mirifica since those plants are high in phytoestrogenic activity and tubular breasts are more of a progesterone deficiency. Bovine ovary, on the other hand, does not contain phytoestrogens and instead stimulates your pituitary gland to produce your own hormones – both progesterone and estrogen, which are vital to breast growth.

topical progesterone alternative is a progesterone-based cream to supplement what your body lacks and needs. We don’t recommend pure progesterone creams – those should be doctor prescribed – but we do recommend Emerita’s PRO-GEST.  It’s the original, natural and paraben-free progesterone cream recommended by Dr. John Lee, the hormone expert and author of Hormone Balance Made Simple.

As you work on your tubular breasts from the inside, it would also be helpful to add a breast enlargement pump to help round out your breasts from the outside. Breast enlargement pumps are incredibly helpful for stimulating the growth of new breast tissue.

Our favorite pump is Noogleberry – they’ve been around forever and have produced lasting breast growth for women and men. You can see some amazing success stories as well as before and after pictures here.

The cups attached to the pump are placed over the entire circumference of your breast, making it great for even growth and filling out and adding volume to all areas around your breast instead of just at the tips. Noogleberry tends to cause not only growth but a rounding out of breasts, similar to what you’d get with implants (except all-natural). It also allows you to pump one breast at a time so you can even out uneven breasts by pumping one side more than the other.

Read all about our deep-dive into breast enlargement pumps to learn more.

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