A Ringtone for Bigger Breasts: the Rockmelon Ringtone

Everyone knows how much of an impact sounds can have on you. A classical masterpiece can soothe as effectively as a hot bath while blaring traffic horns can cause irritation in the most jovial of people. The power of music and sound extends not just to your mind, but your body – specifically, your breasts.

Hideto Tomabechi is a Japanese researcher who has been exploring the mind-body connection. He helped deprogram members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan and now he’s used his research and experience to create a ringtone that fools your mind into thinking there is a crying baby.

The underlying hypothesis is that women’s bodies will respond to the ringtone just as women’s bodies respond to crying infants. By affecting the women’s mind into thinking there is a crying baby, the ringtone will produce the same physiological changes to a women’s body as a crying baby will: breast growth.

The Discovery Channel has since recorded an experiment in which a young woman experiences a 3-centimeter breast growth by listening to Mr. Tomabechi’s Rockmelon Ringtone over a period of 10 days.

Tomabechi also claims there have been many women writing to him to thank him for a natural, effective breast enhancement solution.

Hypnosis has been known to work for natural breast growth, so there is no reason why a ringtone would not. You can try it out for free on Youtube below.

Listen to the Rockmelon Ringtone here:

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