Forget What Your Breasts Look Like. How You Want Them to Look is Everything.

Let’s begin this article with a question – “Do you know what you look like?”

“Of course!” you think, rolling your eyes at the obviousness of the question. You see yourself everyday in the mirror. In fact, if you’re like us – you see yourself from every reflective surface available to you throughout the course of your day.

But, how often do you really see yourself? And how do you know that this reflection of yourself is really you?

Let’s do a little experiment. To start, close your eyes for a moment and draw up a mental image of yourself. Picture yourself as you are right now, at this age and moment, concentrating on each body part. Start from the top of your head and follow your hair line down your face, glazing over your clavicles, your shoulder line, the curve of your breasts, the slope of your midriff, all the way down to the hips, thighs, until you reach you toes.

As you draw each body part into focus, examine how you feel as your mental camera zooms in on each body part. Do certain body parts bring a surge of pride? Do you feel yourself rejoicing, satisfied, at the athletic tone of your legs? The glossiness of your hair? Perhaps some other body parts are quickly glossed over, as you experience a feeling of shame or inadequacy when you think of them. How do you feel as you draw your breasts into focus?

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These various emotions you feel as you envision your body – the rush of satisfaction or dissatisfaction associated with certain body parts – this is the emotional map of your body. And this is the image you hold of yourself and your various body parts – in other words, it’s how you really see yourself.

Duh, you think, I see myself this way because that’s what the mirror reflects to me.

But what if we were to tell you that what you see in the mirror is just a reflection of how you see yourself in the first place?

See, if you’re currently reading this article, you probably experienced a sensation of displeasure or dissatisfaction when focusing on your breasts. As your mind zoomed in on your chest region, maybe you found yourself discontentedly wishing that this region was bigger, firmer, fuller, rounder, etc.

This is normal. Our of all the body parts we’ve been wonderfully blessed with, the breasts are a point of overwhelming focus. Pretty much everyone has an opinion about them, whether their own or others. Oftentimes, that opinion is not a positive one.

You may think that these dissatisfied thoughts and judgments about your breasts are simply your reaction to living with the reality of small, lopsided, saggy breasts. But what you are in fact doing is planting and securing an image in your subconscious of inadequate breasts.

The more you think these thoughts, the more your subconscious grows to believe that you possess breasts that are inadequate, sunken, saggy, and incapable of growing.

And since this is the “truth” for your subconscious, your breasts will not change as you want them to simply because bigger, fuller breasts does not conform to your subconscious mind’s idea of what your body looks like or is capable of.

So how do you go about changing this subconscious blueprint to one of a person with bountiful, beautiful breasts?

You must start with changing how you feel about your breasts, how your subconscious sees your body, you breasts, and their capacity for beauty and growth.

The easiest way to change a mind that has become so accustomed to thinking derisively about your breasts and your body is to quiet your conscious mind – the part of your mind that observes and judges your breasts, the part that can only see your breasts as they are right now – and go directly to your subconscious mind – the part of you that stores all your everyday impressions, memories, values, beliefs, etc.

Hypnosis lulls our conscious mind into a state of quiet calmness so that we can work directly on our subconscious mind without interference. And it uses the power of vivid imagery to depict to our subconscious mind what our bodies are and what our bodies are capable of.

In time, these visualizations of fuller, perkier, beautiful breasts eventually become the blueprint your subconscious holds of your body.

These changes in your internal body image allow changes to come to your external body. So find a quiet place, turn on a guided hypnosis mp3, and let yourself create a new blueprint today.

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