Q&A: Will Birth Control Interfere with Natural Breast Enhancement?

Hello, I have purchased the C-cup guide, and it’s an excellent guide, with lots of information. I’m already seeing results with just 2 weeks! But I have a doubt: I use Nuvaring as a birth control method, and have stop using it for the treatment. My question is, can I use it while I’m on the treatment, or should I use a non-hormone birthcontrol method? I’m using the herbal program from the C-cup guide. Thanks!

That’s super good news! So happy to hear you’re starting to see results already, maybe you’re a fast adopter! But in the case that it is initial swelling/goes down after your period – don’t be discouraged, it can take a few months to see actual growth that stays, okay?

About hormonal birth control – most natural breast enhancement sellers say that it won’t interfere with your birth control, but that’s mostly because most herbal products out there barely contain enough herbs. For nbe dosages, though, we’d say there’s a pretty good chance that the hormonal changes caused by herbs can decrease the effectiveness of your birth control, so yes, if you can – please change to a non-hormonal option. Your hunch was spot-on, clever woman 🙂

This is, unfortunately, the one big drawback of nbe. Hope you find a good option – here’s a list of non-hormonal birth control methods.  If you’ve had kids, an IUD is probably the most convenient (it’s sort of a b*tch to get into a small vaginal canal) but some of the others are worth considering, at least ’til you’re through with your program.

Good luck and happy growing!

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