Q&A: Best Breast Enhancement Method After a Hysterectomy

I bought the c cup guide and im so happy with all the information. One thing I cant find the answer to is what the best method would be for a woman that has had their ovaries removed. It seems that a lot of the info says the methods work by stimulating the body to make the necessary hormones for breast growth. How well would each method work without any ovaries to stimulate? I tried to find the answer on the blog and q and a sections but didnt see a similar question. It would also be nice if there was a search feature for the website. Thank you for your time and for this totally honest and informative guide.

Glad you’re happy 🙂

Okay, before we go on – we want to remind you that we’re not doctors or qualified to give medical advice.

Now that we got that out of the way, we want to clarify: Really the only natural breast enhancement method that stimulates the body to make the necessary hormones for breast growth is glandulars. Some herbs do increase production of hormones, but it’s mostly prolactin.

In your specific case, your body can still produce hormones, but in smaller amounts, especially since only some of it will be converted into estrogen. For that reason, we’d say the best natural breast enhancement option for you is pueraria mirifica since it is a (phyto)estrogen in itself rather than something that encourages production of estrogen in your body – thus helping low estrogen levels. It’s also a natural alternative for menopause as well as a natural alternative to HRT after hysterectomies, so you can kill two birds with one stone pill.

As for a search section – we will try to add on in, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 In the meantime, you can find anything you need by typing in “site:https://mustgrowbust.com search term” into Google (without the quote marks and with what you’re searching for instead of the words “search term.”

Hope that helps and happy growing!

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