Q&A: Bovine Ovary Dosage for Men

Hi I am a 51 yr old TG getting ready to use Swanson Bovine Ovary to transform. On your wonderful site I read the dosage is 4 pills of 250mg each per day, 2 bottle per month. So do I take 2 pills in the AM and 2 pills in the PM or 1 pill every 4 hours or so, or all 4 at one time? Also they should be taken before food? Thanks for your time and response. PS I do have the supplemental protein as well. One drink a day?

Hello and thanks for writing in! Yes, it would be best to divvy up the pill taking so you’re not bombarding your body all at the same time. There’s no need to do the every-4-hour-thing (sounds like it’d be a bother :)) Just take the pills on an empty stomach for better absorption, and at least 30 minutes before you eat a meal.

After giving your body a chance to get used to the BO and seeing how your body responds to the dosage, you can ramp up to around 1,500 mg per day. When you do that, you could do a 2 pills before breakfast, 2 pills before lunch, and 2 pills before dinner kind of thing.

As for the protein, one drink a day should be enough given that you are also getting some protein in your diet.

Hope that helps and happy growing!

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Britt - August 13, 2017

Hi I have ordered direct from the Swanson website they are half the price compared to the Australian site but i have had trouble reordering via the US site.

paul - January 12, 2017

there is a heaith food store at weston road and lawrence called nutrition mart health food who will order bovine ovary or puerria mafrika 1901 weston road york toronto i have just made my second order good luck from a person who wishes to live perm as a woman

p - December 18, 2016

health food store i go to ordered bovine ovary for m it took 2 weeks i take 600 mi a day

paul - December 18, 2016

you cant buy locally but your health food store can order them as i did it take about 2 weeks

paul liggitt - November 12, 2016

you can go to a health food store and order them as i just did

paul liggitt - November 9, 2016

go to a health food store they can order it i just did

dimpy - May 18, 2016

i want to buy bovine-ovary pills in mumbai ( india) pleaeadvice

    Alice - May 27, 2016

    Hi Dimply, we’ve had similar questions about this and it seems difficult, unless you do something like setting up a US postal address and receiving packages there, which doesn’t seem to be worth the cost. The best solution is to have a friend in the US or Canada receive the package for you and then ship it to India. Still a hassle, but seems the best option for now.

      Kirti - July 15, 2016

      What about buying it from Amazon.com from India itself??

Leena - February 25, 2015

where can I buy bovine-ovary pills in Toronto, Canada.
Please I mean I want to buy from any local Store here in Toronto, Canada.

    mike - October 20, 2016

    Hi: Leena has anyone replied to your question Where to buy Bovine Ovary in Toronto or have you found a supply, if so could you forward info to me as I am also looking for the same. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You, Have Great Day

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