Q&A: Take Pueraria Mirifica Alone Or Add Herbs?

Hi! Thanks for the great site. Thought I’d write in with a question, if that’s ok. I just started taking Pueraria Mirificia this week; I’m already noticing great effects (breast growth, clearer skin). I’m wondering about taking PM along with a herbal supplement like Nature’s Answer. Is that “too much”, will it overwhelm my body, or is it harmless to be taking both PM and another strong herbal supplement at once? I’d like to play around with 2 things in case I decide to vary my PM dosage around my period, etc. And, also, for the boosted growth that some of the herbs in Nature’s Answer would give, in addition to the PM. You site has been super helpful and informative so far so I thought I’d write in to you.

Thanks for writing in 🙂

Yes, Pueraria Mirifica is great, especially if your body could use an estrogen boost. Using PM with herbs really depends. For the most part, we advise against it – especially if it’s another phytoestrogenic herb – but it really depends. Some people seem to be fine with it.

You didn’t mention what herbs you were taking though. Nature’s Answer has great liquid extracts for anti-androgen functioning herbs like saw palmetto and if you were to add that to your regimen, that would work well in concert with the PM.

As for more phytoestrogenic herbs like Fenugreek, we’d advise leaving those off and just going with the PM at least for a few months. That in itself should be helpful in itself and instead of the extra herbs, maybe try a breast massage and/or a breast enlargement pump for extra growth.

Good luck and happy growing!

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