Q&A: Swanson’s or Bountiful Breast?

Hello, I am really considering bovine ovary for my underdeveloped breast. I am going to be 18 soon and honestly my breasts are really underdeveloped looking. I am not sure if Swanson’s bovine ovary will be just like bountiful breast I really don’t know which to get since bountiful breast is expensive.

Thanks for writing in and good question – it’s one we receive often since these two are the main contenders for BO. We used to recommend both, but we now only recommend Swanson’s since for the money – it is a much better option.

Here’s why: Both Swanson’s and BB get their glandulars from Argentinian cattle – which is the best – but since BB products are marketed for breast enhancement purposes and Swanson’s are not, BB is allowed to charge a lot more for their products.

They do offer a money back guarantee, but that only applies if you purchase the full 12-month packageĀ and it’s notoriously difficult to get through to their customer service or even get a response from them. This is why we no longer recommend this company.

Swanson’s, on the other hand, is a reputable company that’s been in the marketplace for a variety of nutrition and health-related products. Their BO is great quality and affordable enough that you can try it to see if BO will fit with your body. Oh, and before you start on the BO – make sure you read our post on things you should know before taking bovine ovary.

That’s our 2 cents. Happy growing!

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