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The Best Breast Enhancement Foods (aka Foods Naturally Containing Estrogen)

The best part of embarking on a natural breast enhancement journey is that many of the roads that lead you to bigger breasts also lead to a healthier body and lifestyle.

It is the same way with natural breast enhancement foods – most of the foods that make your breasts bigger are also beneficial for you body as a whole! Find out the must-eat foods for natural breast enhancement. So, peruse the list of naturally estrogen-containing foods below, stock up on some groceries and munch your way to bigger breasts and a healthier body!

The best foods for bigger breasts

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds! Especially Flax Seed.

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, anise seeds, and especially flax seeds will help boost natural estrogen levels. Not to mention how good they are for your body!the best foods for breast enhancement!

Mix these seeds into your snack mix or your chips while you’re watching TV. Sprinkle some on top of your salad. Garnish your meat with a few seeds. Go crazy, these seeds barely contain any calories.

Soy is a boob’s best friend

Soy milk is one of the best things you can incorporate into your diet for breast enhancement. Soy milk has high levels of estrogen – although not as high as flax seed – and is incredibly simple to incorporate into your daily diet.

Substitute everything you drink with milk with soy milk instead.


How is it more people don’t eat tofu?! It’s a miracle food. Tofu not only contains the third highest amount of estrogen among all the foods in all the world, but it is also high in protein and low in fat, very easy to prepare, filling, and yummy!

Simply use tofu as a substitute for your meat. Stir-fry it, eat it raw, mix it into a salad…be creative!

Go Nuts!

Nuts are a fantastic source of good fats and protein – both of which are essential for breast growth. Pick up some walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pecans and go nuts with them – sprinkle them on all your food, devour them in handfuls – they’re not only good for your breasts, but studies say they also benefit the heart and brain…a win, win, and win situation.

If you want to start simple – or avoid the phytoestrogens (which you should if you are estrogen dominant, click here for breast enhancement foods that you have in your fridge right now!

Or…want the full guide on How to Eat Your Way to Bigger Boobs? It’s all included in your copy of the C Cup Code!

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