Reviews of Pueraria Mirifica Pills and Creams

Pueraria Mirifica has been hailed as a ‘wonder plant’ for everything from its ability to reverse aging to its tendency to promote bigger breasts. The potent plant differs from other phytoestrogenic herbs because PM contains both miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, which are structurally similar to estradiol – the strongest estrogen hormone.

Pueraria Mirifica breast enhancement products contain the highest potency of phytoestrogens that can be found on the market today and work to enhance your breasts by increasing your levels of estrogen by using a natural substance which replicates it.

We recommend only suppliers whose supplements contain Pueraria Mirifica that is grown in Thailand and is from farmed cultivar. This is crucial because it determines whether the Pueraria Mirifica works or not.

Pueraria Mirifica is available both in TOPICAL form and in PILL form. The pills target your estrogen levels directly from the inside, while applying Pueraria Mirifica directly to the breasts allows your skin to absorb the entirety of what is applied to it, rather than filtering it through the liver and the kidneys. By doing both, you’re able to maximize the efficacy of the PM product. Find out more about how the skin helps natural breast enhancement!

We’ve compiled a list of the best (safe and effective) Pueraria Mirifica products currently available – both topical and pills. We hope you meet your perfect PM match here!

PURAFEM Cream & Serum

purafem reviewPURAFEM offers a line of high-quality Pueraria Mirifica products, including both a Pueraria Mirifica cream and a serum. The ingredients used in both are the same, but there is one crucial difference – the size of the particles in the cream and the serum.

The PURAFEM serum contains nano-particles, which are extremely small and designed to penetrate deep within the breast. The PURAFEM cream is designed to target closer to the surface of the skin.

For best results, we recommend using both – you get a discount anyway when they’re purchased as a set. 

The Pueraria Mirifica extract in both the cream and serum is from premium farmed cultivar. The company only includes ingredients that are farmed according to the standards of Good Harvesting Practices (“GHP”) and PURAFEM is the only breast enlargement product that has been approved by the FDA.

All of PURAFEM’s products come with a 60-day money back guarantee as well as a FREE 34-page handbook, MP3s, and newsletters that cover massages and exercises that can be done to enhance the effects of taking Pueraria Mirifica orally.

Check out all of Purafem’s 100% pure PM products and special deals!

Swiss Botany Pueraria Mirifica Serum

Pueraria Mirifica SerumSwiss Botany’s Pueraria Mirifica Serum is pretty new to the market, but it’s already one of our top 3 Pueraria Mirifica serums.

Why? Well, first, its got the highest concentrate and quality of Pueraria Mirifica extract available on the planet.  So, it has a potent enough dose of PM to see visible results, and a bottle of it lasts a super long time (seriously, just a few drops is enough to cover both breasts), and we especially love the discreet packaging.

It’s nice to have a PM serum that works without announcing to the world that it’s for breast enlargement purposes, you know?

Overall, this is a great Pueraria Mirifica serum for firming and rounding out your breasts – definitely recommend!

EXPERT TIP:  You can get the serum by subscription over at Swiss Botany’s website for a 10% savings.  You can always cancel if it’s not working for you, even after one bottle.  Of course, Amazon has it also.

St. Botanica Pueraria Mirifica Breast Cream

PM cream for breast growthGot sensitive skin? Don’t love putting dubious ingredients on your delicate breast skin? We totally feel you, especially since after trying more natural breast enhancement creams than we care to admit, we found that certain irritating ingredients could lead to zitty titties. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, that’s why St. Botanica’s makes it to our top 3 best Pueraria Mirifica creams list.

‘Though we don’t care for the price tag, we love the purity of the ingredients. All it’s got is a potent dose of Pueraria Mirifica extract, which is listed as the main ingredient so you know this cream is going to deliver, and 2 other ingredients.

It’s one of the most natural, potent PM cream we’ve ever tried. And we’ve tried a lot.

Check it out here!

PURAFEM Pueraria Mirifica Capsules

purafem reviewsPURAFEM capsules contain 350mg of ONLY pure Pueraria Mirifica. No other additives. There are 60 capsules in each bottle.

As mentioned above, we’re particular about the kind of Pueraria Mirifica a supplement contains. It is crucial that the Pueraria Mirifica supplement you are taking is farmed cultivar and is extracted from the plant’s root – that is where the plant’s famously potent phytoestrogens come from and is the single most determining factor in the pill’s efficacy.

PURAFEM’s Pueraria Mirifica is premium farmed cultivar, farmed according to strict harvesting procedures.

All of PURAFEM’s products come with a 60-day money back guarantee as well as a FREE 34-page handbook, MP3s, and newsletters that cover massages and exercises that can be done to enhance the effects of taking Pueraria Mirifica orally.

Check out all of Purafem’s 100% pure PM products and special deals!

Ainterol Capsules

ainterol capsules reviewLike Purafem, Ainterol’s Pueraria Mirifica capsules contain only 100% cultivated Pueraria Mirifica root powder. No stems, leaves, and flowers are used. No additives are added so you don’t have to worry about paying for filler ingredients.

Ainterol’s capsules are also quite potent – each capsule contains 500mg of 100% Pueraria Mirifica root powder (again, no starches, fillers or added chemicals any kind). And considering its affordability, Ainterol is a pretty good deal.

The only downside we’d like to mention is that Ainterol has really mixed reviews. Some people seem to grow well from it while others (who’ve grown with another brand of PM) don’t get anything. We also haven’t been able to completely verify if Ainterol’s PM is indeed 100% farmed cultivar. That being said, Ainterol’s been around for ages and they have a pretty dedicated following who swear by their PM.

Check out Ainterol’s line of Pueraria Mirifica capsules!

Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs Pueraria Mirifica

barlowes-pueraria-mirificaWant to get in on the breast-enhancing benefits of Pueraria Mirifica…at the most affordable price? Makes sense, especially since you’ll be using PM for a few months to get real, lasting results.

Well, meet Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs. Barlowe’s is a recent addition to the line of 100% Pueraria Mirifica products and we really like it for its price tag, its potency (550mg per pill), its lack of filler ingredients, and the fact that it is white kwao krua.

Our only concern is that we haven’t been able to verify if the PM they use is, in fact, farmed cultivar, but based on the many satisfied reviews, their brand of Pueraria Mirifica does seem to be effective.

And given the price and potency of their pills, it really is worth a try. So if you’ve been looking to try PM but worried about the costs – Barlowe’s is the best choice! Check them out here!
Still curious about how Pueraria Mirifica spurs breast growth? Click here to find out more.

Or do you already know all about PM and you’re ready to get started growing your breasts with this helpful herb? Check out your copy of the C Cup Code for a step-by-step guide to maximizing growth with PM!

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