Q&A: How Much Bovine Ovary Should I Be Taking?

Hi! Thank you for the awesome information. I am taking the Swanson Ovarian Pills and ordered the Bust Fuel Cream today I am wondering about dosages. Can I take 3 of the raw ovarian or is two sufficient? I weigh 93lbs and 32A, trying really hard to gain weight so I am taking a muscle and weight gain from Puritan Pride, it does contain a little soy–is that going to interfere? It is mostly Protein from Whey and Eggs. I also have low temperature so how many mcg of Kelp should I be taking? Thank you for your help!

You’re very welcome, we’re so happy you found it helpful!

Honestly, dosage is sort of tricky since it depends on how your body reacts and experimenting/adjusting to see what works best for you, which is why we don’t really mention dosages on the site.

That being said, with the Swanson’s, we’d recommend starting out with 2 pills a day and seeing how your body reacts to that. Then you can work your way up to 3 pills in a month or two, ‘though honestly we’d go slow and work on increasing body temp first since there is NO point in taking bovine ovary without having a body temperature at least above 98.2.

And about that, we’d recommend sticking to the recommended dosage stated for your particular kelp pills. If that doesn’t raise your body temp – it’s probably because low iodine levels aren’t the cause for your low body temperature. Check out one of the more common causes for low body temperature and what you can do to correct it as well as natural foods that boost body temp.

In regard to soy protein, we wouldn’t worry about it. Soy’s phytoestrogenic content is minimal compared to say, PM, and in the amounts you’re taking, it really shouldn’t matter.

Good luck and happy growing!

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