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How to Avoid Getting Stretch Marks During Natural Breast Enhancement

We wish the natural breast enhancement journey was one of healthy eating, a bit of enjoyable exercise, very low stress and of course – much bigger breasts 🙂

But it’s not all unicorns and C-cups on this journey to bigger, fuller breasts. There are hiccups and downsides, too. Like, for example…stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks and Why Do They Happen?

For most of us, stretch marks are a fact of life. Like traffic jams. And not finding enough marshmallows in your Lucky Charms box.

But it’s one thing to have these annoying lines on your upper thighs and quite another when they decide to embed themselves in your precious breasts.

how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

When my own breasts started getting bigger, I was delighted…’til I realized that the breast fat had brought not-so-nice friends…and they’d decided to settle near my cleavage line, of all places! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this unfortunate experience.

Oh, why! Why do bad things happen to sexy people?!

Well, the answer’s quite simple. Stretch marks come about when your skin has to quickly stretch itself in order to accommodate new underlying tissue. On one hand, that’s awesome ’cause it means your boobies are getting bigger and fuller but on the other hand, it sucks ’cause now you have stretch marks to show for it.

When your breast growth is coming in rapid spurts, your skin doesn’t have the time to grow as fast as the tissue beneath it. So the skin becomes over-stretched, breaking its collagen fibers. It is these broken fibers that eventually develop into the scars that we know as stretch marks.

How Can You Prevent Stretch Marks From Happening?

When it comes to stretch marks, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s pretty challenging to get rid of stretch marks once they develop – ‘though not impossible – so you want to take all the necessary precautions early on in your breast enhancement journey to make sure stretch marks don’t happen in the first place.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to give your skin a whole lotta TLC. Healthy skin stands up better to stretch marks and the general health of your skin is the first indicator of your chances of developing stretch marks.

So in the interest of keeping your breasts (and other areas) stretch-mark free, here are some tips on how you can keep your skin healthy and firm throughout your natural breast enhancement journey…

Drink plenty of water. Yes, everyone and their doctors keep advising you to do this and that’s ’cause hydration is damn important in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. And by water – we mean good ole’ H2O. Skip the soda and store-bought “natural fruit” juices – they are anything but natural and their immense sugar content does neither your body nor your breasts any good.

Get thee a blender. A simple blender is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to ensuring you eat healthy and stay healthy. We’ll do a more in-depth post on this later, but one thing we’ve found with breast enhancement is that it can impact your appetite – both increasing or decreasing it, making it more difficult to eat healthy, balanced meals and get the healthy fats, protein, and tons of fruits and veggies that your body ideally needs. A simple blender will allow you to quickly whip up a ton of leafy green-laden and fresh-fruit-filled smoothies that will supply you with tons of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and protein to benefit your skin, breasts and overall body.

Moisturize like it’s going out of style. When you start a natural breast enhancement regimen, you expect your breasts to grow, right? So it only makes sense that you moisturize the crap out of them. There is no “too much” when it comes to this. Especially in dryer, colder climates – use deeply moisturizing oils like avocado oil, emu oil (really, really good for stretch marks, btw), and coconut oil or opt for rich body butter like cocoa butter or shea butter. We also highly recommend breast filling creams with both Volufiline (to plump up your breasts) and Bio-Bustyl. Bio-Bustyl is a handy little ingredient and a must-have when you’re growing larger breasts since it increases collagen production in the skin so that your skin can maintain its elasticity and stretch to accommodate your growing breasts without creating new stretch marks.

Noogle lightly. If one of the methods you’re using for breast growth is Noogleberry, just be sure to take it easy, especially for the first few months and especially if you’re combining it with other potent methods of NBE (like PM, herbs or BO). Apply just enough pressure to get a gentle tug and don’t overdo it. If you’re pumping ’til you can’t feel your breasts – you’re overdoing it 🙂 Get more tips for using Noogleberry!

Exfoliate. An easy way to both prevent new stretch marks and treat existing stretch marks is to exfoliate. You don’t even have to splurge on a price-y exfoliator. The best remedies for stretch marks are all-natural – try mixing coffee grinds with a little cinnamon and either olive or coconut oil for an amazing-smelling, very-cheap exfoliator to use in the shower.

As for the stretch marks you already have and want to get rid – give Skinception’s stretch mark therapy cream a try, it’s the best we’ve found for existing stretch marks!

Happy growing!

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