How a Simple Touch Can Maximize Your Breast Growth

People used to believe that skin was an impenetrable barrier, a bubble that prevented anything from entering the body. Now we know better: skin does provide a barrier to the world, but it’s not impenetrable.

“Your skin is enough of a barrier to keep fluids within your body,” writes Samuel Epstein, MD, and author of Toxic Beauty (BenBella Books, 2009), “but it also readily absorbs many things with which it comes in contact.”

Whether or not the skin will absorb something depends on a lot of factors, including the substance itself, the health of the skin, site of exposure, temperature, hydration of the skin, even how hairy the skin is. But though scientists still can’t pin down exactly how much or under what circumstances skin may absorb something, they all agree that it can absorb what is applied to it.

What it Means for Natural Breast Enhancement

This is wonderful news for natural breast enhancement! See, oral breast enhancement supplements – although effective – are absorbed into the digestive system and go through the kidneys and the liver where enzymes break them down, reducing the pill’s overall potency.

Substances absorbed through the skin go through no such filtering process.  The skin on your breast is able to directly absorb plant chemicals. The herbs that are absorbed through your skin pass directly into the bloodstream.

To recap: The phytoestrogens from creams, tinctures and extracts used in natural breast enhancement are absorbed through the skin, but they bypass the liver, which thus makes the compound much more effective as it will be retained in the breasts for a longer time.

This is not to say that taking breast enlargement pills by capsule or teas is a waste – it simply means that you should also be using a topical breast product to augment your growth. For those who have been curious about supplements, but unsure of taking pills – this is an ideal solution!

At the same time, this does mean that whatever cream or lotion you are using should NOT be counter-active to the natural breast enhancement pill that you are taking. For example, if you are taking Bovine Ovary supplements, you should not be using a phytoestrogenic cream.

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Bigger breasts with just a dab and a touch.

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