Get Rid of Breast Growth Blockage Now

You may already be familiar with a technique called dry skin brushing. It’s a great way to firm and exfoliate your skin, but the best part of dry skin brushing is that it unblocks your lymph nodes and helps your body clear out toxins.

Considering your skin is the largest organ you have, it makes sense that it’s responsible for roughly 25% of the body’s daily detoxification.

Simply by brushing your skin, you can help your lymphatic system clean out unwanted toxins that have been collecting in your lymph glands and blocking your breast growth progress. On top of the lymphatic benefits, skin brushing helps your skin:

  • Become firmer
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Become smoother, by removing dead skin

It’s an amazingly holistic method of firming, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation. And if you’re currently using any sort of breast cream or topical breast enhancement product, you need to exfoliate for maximum results.dry skin brushing

Try incorporating dry skin brushing into your breast enhancement regimen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Before starting:

  1. Make sure you’re using a natural body brush intended for dry skin brushing (A long-handled brush might be useful for reaching down your back).
  2. Only brush skin when it is dry. The best time is before a bath or a shower.
  3. Remember to brush gently. Be especially gentle when brushing your breasts and be sure to avoid the nipple area.
  4. Aim the strokes toward the direction of your frontal torso.
  5. Brush in a series of long, clean sweeps. Do not rub, scrub, massage, or go in circles.
  6. Try to cover each area of your body once. This is important when you’re starting skin brushing for the first time, since too much stimulation can overload your body. Start with only one stroke across each surface of your skin and in time, you can increase your number of strokes.
  7. Do NOT brush over rashes, cuts, infections, or other skin problems.
  8. The instructions below should take between 5 – 10 minutes. Once you have gotten the flow of it, the time spent will be minimal.


  1. Begin by brushing your right leg, starting from the foot and brushing upwards to the hips and buttocks. Feel free to apply a little more pressure on the thighs and buttocks, especially if there is cellulite.
  2. Repeat on the left leg.
  3. Brush your right hand, palm facing up, starting from your fingertips and brushing to the shoulder. Keep the palm facing up and brush the top of your hand, starting from the fingertips and brushing to the armpits.
  4. Repeat on the left arm.
  5. Very gently, brush your skin starting from your armpits and sides of the torso and moving toward your heart. Be extra gentle when the brush is making across your breasts.
  6. Place the brush on the right curve of your waistline and deliver a series of upward brush strokes going all around your waist. You may have to change hands once.
  7. If you have a long-handled brush, use it for your back. Grab the handle with two hands and brush up the spine, starting at your tailbone and reaching as high as you can go. With a short-handled brush, this will be a little more difficult, but still achievable.

Dry skin brushing is a very effective way of firming your skin, exfoliating, and cleaning out your lymphatic system. Don’t be surprised if you find a large amount of lymph mucoid in your stool during the beginning days of skin brushing. It’s just your lymphatic system going through the process of detoxification and emptying itself out.

Since you’ll be showering or bathing after your dry skin brushing anyway, why not include hydrotherapy as part of your routine? Click here to learn more about firming your breasts with hydrotherapy.

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