Breasts Not Growing? Beat Them Into Compliance with Thai Breast Slapping

Infamous now, the Thai Breast Slapping is a method of delivering rhythmic, kneading slaps to a women’s breast to increase the size and improve firmness.  The shop owner, Khunying Tobnom, discovered the enlargement benefits of slapping as a teenager when her grandmother slapped her breasts several times and then shocked them with ice-cold water.

Afterwards, Tobnom noticed her breasts grow by four inches. Since then, she’s been practicing the slapping techniques on herself and in her beauty salon for the past two decades.

Tobnom has been government-licensed for her unique method of slapping to shift fat from one area to another and kneading to work excess fat toward where they belong – the breasts.

To test the effectiveness, the Thai Health Ministry conducted a six-month independent study which found that this unusual technique had the effect of making the slapped breasts measurably larger. The Ministry has since sponsored a program that encouraged women to learn the breast-slapping techniques for themselves.

breast massage methods

In 2003, the Ministry officially approved breast slapping as a natural alternative to surgical enhancement. Since then, Tobnom has been teaching women how to get bigger breasts.

Tobnom now offers limited training courses, but the prices are steep, at $263,000. Direct treatment options are a little cheaper, at $380 for six 10-minute sessions.

The better option is to learn it yourself for $0.

The basic premise behind this technique is to loosen the fat from the areas surrounding the chest and then move it to breasts.

  1. In rapid succession, deliver a series of slaps to the areas surrounding your breast, being careful not to hold your wrists in too firmly. The areas you will be targeting are the sides of your torso and the stomach.
  2. After slapping, use a dragging motion with your fingers to sweep the loosened fat from the sides of the body and stomach toward your breast.
  3. Do this for 10 minutes and finish up by applying ice-cold water to the breasts.

Thai breast slapping is amusing, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed-to-work (and painless) way to naturally grow your breasts – you’ll want to check out the C Cup Code…

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