BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System Review

Breast enlargement pumps are not only one of the most effective methods of natural breast enhancement, but they are also rare in that they don’t affect your hormones at all.

Breast enlargement pumps operate through a process called tissue expansion: By applying a gentle suction to the breast tissue, you are able to promote blood flow and tissue growth. This causes stretching of the skin and tissue and as a direct result of that, new tissue grows and breast size increases. The breast enlargement pump expands the mammary gland tissue to increase the production of new breast tissue cells.

There are various breast enhancement pumps but so far, we only recommend a few and Brava is one of them. Read on to find out why!

What You Should Know About the Brava System (Quick Stats)

Type: Electric breast pump

Length of time to see results: At least 10 weeks for a minimum of 10 hours per day

How much you can grow: Women who used The BRAVA System report an increase of 1/2 to 2-cup sizes of lasting growth. Results vary due to individual biological factors, frequency and duration of use. Another factor will be the results you desire; the more growth you want, the longer you need to use The BRAVA System.

At least 10 weeks of sustained uninterrupted treatment for a minimum of 10 hours per day are required to achieve growth of about 1-cup size (100cc).

Price: Varies in the $900 to $2,000 range depending on where in the world you are. If you don’t want to pay full price (smart cookie), you can shop around eBay for used systems that are being sold and get a Brava for a helluva lot cheaper.

What is the BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System?

the best breast enlargement pumpsBRAVA is the first clinically proven approach to breast enlargement that actually grows a woman’s natural breast tissue, without surgery, pills or creams.

The BRAVA System is an external tissue expander, which applies a gentle 3-dimensional pull to place the breasts under tension. This sustained tension causes the breast cells to respond by replicating, resulting in new breast tissue.

According to their website, clinical research has indicated that women who complied with the procedure experienced an increase in breast volume, which ranged from 35cc to 250cc of lasting tissue growth.

The PROS of the BRAVA System

  • It is hands-off. The system consists of 2 semi-rigid domes for the breasts. The suction tension is created and controlled by a minicomputer called the SmartBox. A sports bra holds everything into place.
  • It works while you sleep. If you’re in love with the idea of your breasts growing while you sleep – well, the BRAVA system does that.
  • It’s gentle. The best thing about Brava is that it applies gentle suction to your breasts over a long period of time. It doesn’t hurt and your breast won’t go purple, which is a great thing since it means you are causing no damage to your breast tissue.
  • It’s effective. Okay, this is probably the best thing about BRAVA. Your breasts will only respond to tension-induced growth when the breast tissues are pulled with a gentle, constant pressure for a period of time. This is when the production of new breast tissue is triggered. It works slowly, but it works and BRAVA allows you to apply the necessary, constant pressure required while you sleep.
  • It’s permanent. BRAVA is hands-off but it’s a long, arduous process. What makes it worth it, however, is the fact that it induces permanent tissue growth. That means when you’re done using the system – you get to keep the boobage you gained.

The CONS of the BRAVA System

  • It requires many hours for many days. BRAVA recommends at least 10 weeks of sustained uninterrupted treatment for a minimum of 10 hours per day are required to achieve growth of about 1-cup size (100cc). If you can wear it while you’re sleeping, this may be okay, but otherwise 10 hours a day is a bit much.
  • It can be mighty annoying. So…the smartbox alarm isn’t so smart. Like, when it goes off in the middle of the night and you wake up bewildered wondering where you are and why you have big cups attached to your chest. ‘Til you remember you’re doing it all for bigger boobies and it’ll be worth it in just 10 weeks’ time.
  • It’s easiest for back sleepers. If you’re not accustomed to sleeping on your back – this system is going to take some getting used to.
  • It has a high “dropout” rate. Sure, it’s just two and a half months for permanent growth…but it also means wearing this contraption for at least ten hours a day. That’s pretty intense and the reason why BRAVA has a large dropout rate. Think of BRAVA as the Ivy League – it has a high cost of entry and is hard to graduate from but the result of obtaining your “degree” is worth it. If you can stick it out.
  • It’s very expensive. The BRAVA system costs around $1,000 USD per system – a lot to invest without a 100% guarantee (on your money and time). If you’re interested in trying BRAVA, our honest recommendation is that you go and purchase a used one. You’ll get the same benefits at a fraction of the price tag.
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