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Bosom Beauty Review: Everything You Need to Know About Using Bosom Beauty for Breast Enlargmenet

Breast enlargement pumps are one of the most effective methods of natural breast enhancement as well as one of the most side-effect free since it works without affecting your hormones. That means no missed periods or mood fluctations – plus, it’s a great alternative for those of you who’re estrogen-dominant to begin with and won’t benefit from phytoestrogenic herbs as well as those of you who have body temperatures too low for bovine ovary.

So, if breast enlargement pumps don’t stimulate your hormones…how do they cause breast growth? It works like this: When you apply constant, even tension to your breasts, you promote blood flow and induce tissue growth. The vacuum-like pressure caused by the pump “stretches” your breast skin and tissue, causing new tissue growth to fill in your breasts. The result? Bigger, fuller breasts.

There are various breast enhancement pumps but so far, we only recommend a few and Bosom Beauty is one of them. Read on to find out why!

What You Should Know About the Bosom Beauty (Quick Stats)

Type: Electric breast pump

Length of time to see results: At least 4 to 8 weeks, using at least 30 minutes each day.

How much you can grow: Approximately 1 to 2 cup sizes of permanent growth

Price: $100 – $250

What is Bosom Beauty Breast Enhancement and Shaping System?

You can think of Bosom Beauty as the offspring that might be produced if BRAVA and Noogleberry mated. It is an electric breast enlargement pump – like BRAVA – but it’s much less high maintenance and requires less “pumping” time – like Noogleberry.


The system consists of:

  • Two Cups that are lined with thick, comfortable cushions and also act as a seal to give them much better hold and suction on your breasts than most of the other breast enlargement pumps. The cups are also curved toward the tips so they don’t bump into each other like they do sometimes when using Noogleberry.
  • Stretch Bra Vest that hold the cups in place so you can walk around and do your thing while growing boobs.
  • Controller that comes with 9 different power settings as well as the “Boost” option, which doubles the intensity so you can have “quickie” suction sessions

Here’s how it works: The small controller draws the air out of the domes which sucks and stretches your breasts. This pulling action is what’s responsible for gradually causing your breast tissue to expand and grow. But unlike hand-operated breast pumps, Bosom Beauty uses a sustain-and-release technology which is basically a vacuum that automatically pulls and then releases the breasts throughout the entire session.

It’s this pull and release motion that is Bosom Beauty’s claim to boobie fame – allegedly, this technique is 4 times more effective than systems that just sustain tension since the motion increases blood flow and reduced the time it takes to get results. It’s recommended you wear Bosom Beauty for 30 minutes a day and you’ll start seeing results in a month or two.

The PROS of Bosom Beauty

  • Super convenient. Because it comes with the helpful bra vest, this system allows you to tuck your domes in so you can move around as you the machine pumps.
  • Constant pressure. The little machine is constantly sucking so the pressure is really constant – you don’t have to do re-pump or worry about it losing suction pressure as you go about your business. Constant pressure is key because that’s what prompts new breast tissue to grow.
  • Protects against overpumping. Our favorite thing about Bosom Beauty is actually its pull and release method which prevents a lot of the problems caused by manual breast enlargement pumps. The ongoing motion means that your breasts are “released” before they start turning purple, sweating, or developing those irritated red blotches. This motion also allows for better blood flow than simply pulling on your breasts for an extended period of time.
  • Contoured cups. A huge perk of Bosom Beauty is its cups. They’re lined with a thick cushion to protect you from getting red indentations or bruises from the cup edges digging into your flesh. Much comfier, especially for those of us who don’t have much body fat and are very susceptible to the feeling of plastic digging into our ribs.
  • Powerful. Bosom Beauty comes on pretty strong. Many users complain that the suction is much too strong even when set at the lowest setting. Most get used to it but for some, it can be too much.
  • Time efficient. It doesn’t take that much pumping time to see results with Bosom Beauty. Maybe it’s because the suction is so strong or maybe it’s due to the pull and release method, but either way – it produces fuller, bigger breasts in around two months of using it less than an hour a day.
  • Affordable pricing. Compared to the other electric breast pump option (BRAVA, which is around $1.5K), Bosom Beauty is pretty damn affordable at around $100 – $250.

The CONS of Bosom Beauty

  • It hurts. The biggest complaint when it comes to Bosom Beauty is that is really powerful, which means it can be really painful. And since it’s machine-operated, if the lowest setting is too painful for you, you don’t have the option to adjust it to a gentler tone. Most users will adapt to the pain (or learn to put up with it for the growth it provides) but it really can be too much for others.
  • May leave red circles. Even with the padding on the cups, you might still get red circles on your skin. It will usually go away within 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Set sesssions. Each session is meant to be 30 minutes so the machine automatically turns off every half hour and you have to switch it on again. This one isn’t really a biggie, but when you’re doing several hour-long marathon sessions, it can get a tad annoying.
  • Not so sturdy. Maybe it’s ’cause it’s made in China, but don’t expect Bosom Beauty to be anywhere near as sturdy as, say, the Noogleberry. The padded domes will only last you a couple of months, especially if you’re using them for a few hours every day.
  • Extra costs. Bosom Beauty runs on 4 AA batteries which will only last you around 8 30-minute sessions so that’s another cost you’ll have to factor in. Our suggestion? Opt for rechargeable batteries if you need to roam around while pumping. Otherwise, use the adapter if you can stay put in one place.

Where to Buy Bosom Beauty

Updated 10/16/2015: We’ve received a ton of emails from readers looking for a reliable place to buy Bosom Beauty and we’ve sifted through any and all current suppliers to find that the best place right now is from a seller on eBay. He sells the Bosom Beauty for 145GBP (so it’s not cheap) but his feedback score is great (99%) and he ships worldwide. There’s also a 14-day return policy in case anything is faulty with the system you receive. Oh, and he sells it as a Private Listing so nobody will know what you bought.

This is the best option we’ve found for now. Get your Bosom Beauty here.

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