Why Herbal Breast Enhancement Doesn’t Work

Now that we’ve got your attention, we want to say that herbal breast enhancement actually does work. It just doesn’t work for most people. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

First of all, most people rush out and buy the first herbal breast enhancement product they see. We don’t blame them – the majority of natural breast enhancement products are herbal breast enhancement products, meaning they contain a blend of several of the most popular herbs used in breast enhancement.

That sounds like a good thing, but not all the breast enhancement herbs are equal. Some herbs have very strong phytoestrogenic qualities and some do not. Many of the most popular herbal breast enhancement products DO NOT contain the most potent herbs for breast enhancement. You’re basically ingesting tea.

To name one example of such a product – Grobust, a natural breast enhancement pill that’s been on the market for a while now contains a mix of dandelion root, blessed thistle, damiana, lemon balm, dong quai, motherwort, wild yam, and saw palmetto. Which prompts us to ask…Where are some of the most potent phyto-estrogenic herbs – red clover and hops?! Where are the progesterone and prolactin-increasing herbs?!

But still, Grobust has remained in business for over 10 years. That must mean that some people have been growing on their formula of herbs. This leads us to another point of why herbal breast enhancement doesn’t work for most people – different herbs have different effects on different people. And the differences can be huge.

The effects a herb has on you can be anything – the slightly odd body scent that comes from taking Fenugreek, the slight loss of hair that might come from ingesting Saw Palmetto, the fullness in the breasts that comes from drinking Fennel tea…the list of side effects go on and on. Some are welcome, some are not.

Many people go on a herbal breast enhancement product only to find that their bodies really disagree with one or more of the herbs used in the product. Because most of the herbal breast enhancement products contain several herbs in them, it’s hard to figure out exactly which herb is giving you grief.

This is why we’re particularly hesitant to recommend herb-based breast enhancement products. Sure, they might work for you. But then again, they might drive you mad…and you won’t know which little herb is the boobie helper and which little herb is the pesky bugger.

If you’d like to pursue an herbal route to breast enhancement, we strongly recommend that you read up on the various types of breast enhancement herbs and choose a few of the herbs for yourself.

You can purchase each herb you decide to use separately and experiment. This way, if you have any sort of discomfort, you can simply remove and add particular herbs from your mix ’til you locate the ones that really jive with your boobies and the ones that don’t.

This method of self-selecting your breast enhancement herbs also allows you to control the quantity of each herb you ingest – which most herbal breast enhancement products don’t allow you to do. That is another reason why most herbal breast enhancement products are not effective – they may have the right ingredients, but they simply don’t contain enough of them.

If you want natural breast enhancement to work for you – and you choose herbs as your method – self-selecting your own herbs and making your own boobie formula is the best bet.

We go into detail about exactly how to do that in our Herbal Program Guide – you also get a simple, safe, effective formula to follow when using herbs for breast growth as well as a chart of 20 of the most effective breast enhancement herbs and their specific functions plus pretty much everything you’ll need to know to guarantee success with herbs.

However, if like most people, you don’t have time to be organizing and downing handfuls of capsules, powders, extracts, and seeds – try out our most recommended herbal breast enhancement pills and creams.

At the very least, they’ll give you an idea of how well your breasts jives with certain herbs. Happy Growing!

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