Q&A: How Can I Convince My Girlfriend to Try Natural Breast Enhancement?

My girlfriend has nice mid B cup breasts but wants to have higher C cups. She has been considering getting implants, but I have convinced her that she needs to do more research first. I support her decision to increase her bust, but I really want to convince her that natural breast enhancement is the way to go. Unfortunately, she thinks NBE is a scam. The best way to convince her would really be to show her. Can I add something to her food to get her started? You know, prove that it works so she’ll give it a real try?

Your email made us smile 🙂

It’s sweet of you to research on behalf of your girlfriend and try to convince her of more natural, safer methods…but putting things in her food without her knowing is not a good idea.

That being said, convincing your girlfriend to give natural breast enhancement a try should not be difficult, especially if you take the initiative. Since your girlfriend is already a B cup – much better than what many of us start out with – she already has something to work with. You see, the sad truth of NBE is that ‘whoever has breasts is given more.’ She will most likely see an increase with much less effort and in less time. Lucky girl 🙂

If you really want to convince her to give NBE a try, we’d suggest doing a little bit of research on her behalf – find out about the best pills, such as bovine ovary, pueraria mirifica and herbs and how each one works to enlarge breasts. You can read through our various pages to see which one might work the best for your girlfriend. And then – if she’s still wary – you can even offer to treat her to a month or two’s supply. That way, she’s got nothing to lose.

There are also totally free NBE methods – like breast enhancement massages – that you can do for her. It’s a fun, sensual method that doesn’t take much time – or any money – and is effective and even good for the breasts.

Okay, good luck to you and keep us posted!

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