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One Thing You Must Know Before Starting Natural Breast Enhancement: Are You Estrogen Dominant?

Both herbal breast enhancement pills and Pueraria mirifica pills promote breast growth by supplying your body with phytoestrogens, which have the effect of estrogen on our bodies, causing our breasts to become bigger and fuller and our hips to widen and fill out.

For some women, this extra estrogen has amazing figure-enhancing effects.

But for others, this extra estrogen comes with a price.

What is Estrogen Dominance?

In a nutshell, estrogen dominance can be summarized as too much of a good thing.
Originally coined by Dr. John Lee, he describes estrogen dominance as a condition when a woman can have excessive, normal or even low estrogen in her body and significantly lower (or no) amounts of progesterone to balance it out – making the estrogen dominant in the body.

Just like in so many of our bodily functions, balance is key in making sure everything is working as it should. So a woman with low estrogen can still have estrogen dominance if her body does not produce progesterone at all.

The alarming thing is that this condition is actually quite common – doctors cite that estrogen dominance syndrome is prevalent in women, and affects up to 50% of women over 35 years old. However, estrogen dominance is also likely amongst younger women, especially those that experienced early onset of their periods and those experiencing irregular periods.

In fact, there are so many xenoestrogens (toxins that mimic estrogen) in our modern environments that it’s become increasingly more likely for even men to suffer from estrogen dominance. Pesticides, plastics, meats, detergents, carpeting, floor paneling, and vehicle exhausts amongst other noxious chemicals are some of the sources of xenoestrogens – most of us can be exposed to them on a daily basis.

If you’re wondering if you might be affected, some common symptoms of estrogen dominance are: accelerated physical effects of aging, frequent allergies, breast tenderness, fat gain, memory loss, mood swings, head aches, and increased levels of anxiety.

If you suspect that you have estrogen dominance, it’s recommended that you treat it accordingly since other conditions that are associated or worsened by estrogen dominance can be serious, like breast and uterine cancer, polycystic ovaries, and hypothyroidism.

How Does Estrogen Dominance Affect Natural Breast Enhancement?

Estrogen dominance makes natural breast enhancement a little more tricky since most of the breast enhancement products on the market, like herbs and Pueraria Mirifica, work by increasing your estrogen levels.

Phytoestrogenic supplements are very effective means to naturally get bigger breasts, but they will not work on their own if your are estrogen dominant.

That’s because for estrogen dominant women – progesterone is what you need to balance your hormones and promote breast growth. Alongside estrogen, progesterone is a crucial hormone for breast growth. It activates estrogen receptors so that estrogen can bind to them. It’s also responsible for building up fat stores in the breasts.

Your body needs both estrogen and progesterone not just to prompt breast growth, but to balance your hormones and stay healthy.

How to Get More Progesterone if You Are Estrogen Dominant

Progesterone is available in cream form, but a word of warning: Progesterone creams are only recommended for those who are actually estrogen dominant. It is not something to try out just to see if it can make your breasts bigger as that is both dangerous and ineffective.

Progesterone cream will work best for those who are estrogen dominant and/or have had a long-standing progesterone deficiency.

In order to find out whether that applies to you, the first thing you’ll want to do is ask your doctor for a hormone test.

Alternatively, you can also do it yourself with hormonal test kits like ZRT’s Saliva Test Kit, which are equipped to measure 5 hormones of your choice in the comfort of your home. It only takes around 1-2 weeks before you get the results.

If your tests show that you do have a progesterone deficiency (i.e. you’re estrogen dominant), the safest way to start balancing your hormones is through your diet.

Add a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables into your everyday meals and make sure you are getting adequate protein (they’re the building blocks of hormones!) and plenty of healthy fats throughout fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, and healthy oils like olive oil and flax oil.

All-natural, hormone-balancing supplements are also a good idea. Our favorite is raw Maca, and we recommend raw Maca root powder for anyone struggling with hormonal imbalance since Maca is an adaptogen which has a balancing effect on your pituitary gland (which is responsible for hormone production and regulation), helping your body to produce more of what it’s lacking and less of what there’s too much of.

Another way to naturally balance your hormones is with Vitex, aka chasteberry, a great adaptogen that works to balance your hormones without the hyper, strung-out feeling some people experience while taking Maca. If you love the energy boost Maca gives you – take it. If not, take Vitex.

The last method of balancing your hormones is only recommended for those who are truly progesterone-deficient and that is the use of a progesterone cream. Make sure you opt for a natural, bio-identical progesterone cream – we only recommend Emerita’s PRO-GEST. It’s the best progesterone cream out there are the original USP progesterone cream recommended by the hormone expert Dr. John Lee.

If you’d like to know more about correcting hormonal imbalance, we also highly recommend Dr. John Lee’s book – Hormone Balance Made Simple.

And as always – happy growing!

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