What You Must Know About Using Bovine Ovary for Male Breast Enlargement

Bovine Ovary is a natural, effective way to grow male breasts. But before you start, there are a few things you must know about using bovine ovary for male breast enlargement.

You Might Not Be Able to Have Children

Bovine Ovary for male breast enlargement is suggested only for men who want to permanently become women. The results are permanent so please only take this course if you are sure that you want to live as a woman. According to Transfemme’s site, most users report their sperm count drops to levels at or near sterile after six months of use.

Penis Size and Erections Can Be Affected

Bovine ovary works through a process called aromatization where the body converts testosterone into estrogen – resulting in estrogen levels of biological females. As the male body increases in estrogen and decreases in testosterone, your penis and testicles will shrink. According to Transfemme‘s website, most users report shrinkage after approximately 6 months.

The lower testosterone levels will also affect your erections. As your body converts testosterone into more estrogen, erections will become less frequent and more difficult. If you still want to have erections, do not use Transfemme for longer than six months at a time.

You Must Have a Certain Body Temperature for Bovine Ovary to Work for You

Your body temperature indicates the proper functioning of your thyroid hormone levels, which is important for Bovine Ovary to work for you.

If your body temperature is below 98.2, your liver just does not produce enough enzymes to convert your thyroid hormones from T4 to T3 and Bovine Ovary will not have the desired effect on your body.

Consume Plenty of Protein to Increase Breast Growth

Wait…what!?  Aren’t protein supplements the domain of body builders and athletes?  It might seem counter-intuitive, but protein not only helps build muscle, it forms the building blocks of hormones, and is essential to breast growth.  You cannot grow breasts without protein as the body needs something to work with.

Not all protein is created equal either.  What is the best form of protein that you can think of?  A steak probably comes to mind.  But your body uses about 15% of the protein in a steak.  The rest of it is eliminated as waste or converted to glucose and burned as fuel.  The food with the highest utilization of protein is eggs.  So, the bottom line is to eat more eggs.

There is a shortcut method to getting more protein.  For your body to utilize dietary protein, it must digest it first…meaning it has to break it down into its rudimentary building blocks, which are called amino acids.  Your body then takes the amino acids and re-assembles them into hormones, muscle tissue, cartilage, bone, enzymes, etc.  The exact process of this is way beyond the scope of this article, but you can short circuit the process by supplementing with amino acids.  Because they are already broken down, your body absorbs them right away, skipping the whole digestion process in the first place.

BodyHealth’s PerfectAmino is a supplement that supplies all the essential amino acids in the proportions needed by the human body.  They did a study that showed 99+% of the product is absorbed and utilized by the body, with less than a percent going towards waste.  

By augmenting any supplementation of bovine ovary with amino acids, you may have better success with the regimen.

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