Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects for Men

Pueraria Mirifica is a miracle plant from Thailand that contains the most powerful phytoestrogens currently found in any herb or plant. Belonging to the family of legumes, PM is completely natural and has been used for over a century by the women and men of Thailand for beauty and health purposes.

But with any herbs or foods, there are some reported side effects of Pueraria Mirifica. Most of the side effects concern biological women because they have to do with infrequent or delayed menstrual cycles. As a man, you’ll be exempt from the majority of PM’s side effects such as spotting in between periods or increased blood flow during periods.

One popular side effect of Pueraria Mirifica for men is the growing of breasts, as the article quoted below shows:

‘White kwao kreu (pueraria mirifica) hit the news headlines again when doctors identified that it enlarged the breasts of a monk who regularly consumed the herb. White kwao kreu is believed to contain the female hormone estrogen while the red kwaao khruea is believed to stimulate the male hormone …’

Other side effects of Pueraria Mirifica on men all stems from the fact that PM increases estrogen levels in men. This may result in:

  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • Constipation, bowel irritation and vomiting from over-dosage
  • An excess of Pueraria Mirifica (again, over-dosage) can result in loss of libido, fatigue, and an increase in body fat
  • Diarrhea and flatulence
  • Those who have peptic ulcers can feel fullness or bloating during the first 2 weeks.
  • Allergic reactions like rashes may occur in some similar drugs that are applied on the skin.
  • Lower levels of testosterone, change in blood chemicals and enlargement of spleen have manifested in studies done with butea superba usage

To reduce the likelihood of unwanted side effects, we highly recommend taking pills and capsules that contain ONLY pure Pueraria Mirifica.

Many men have taken Pueraria Mirifica for breast enhancement and other reasons without experiencing any adverse side effects, yet every body is different so please consult with your doctor before embarking on any natural breast enhancement regimen.

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markie - February 27, 2017

will pm give you a girly figure and will my buttox look femine if i take pm for 12 months will my skin get soft and will my hair growth slow down or stop

    MARK BAYLESS - July 29, 2017


mber - February 19, 2017

The fact a side effect is possibly an enlarged spleen concerns me…if that if PM is taken with Butea Superba or is it simply because they ‘thrive in the same area’? I wonder how common this is, that sounds pretty serious.

Clayton H. Vereen - October 22, 2016

Clayton Vereen is taken female hormones. I am transgender . I am very feminine. And I am transition myself to a Woman. I love wearing Womens Clothes. Clayton H. Vereen

    Kasun L. Y - March 30, 2017

    Did you have any side effects mentioned above…???

Vincent - August 24, 2016

I am a body-builder who just wants larger areolas and nipples without decreasing testosterone levels. Will applying a PM cream directly to my areolas work for me?

prisie - August 2, 2016

i have noticed several comments from others concerning sensitivity beneath the nipple feeling a little like a pimple. i wonder if this continues as a long term affect as i go through the various stages of breast development. i understand that breast development tends to be a irreversible process though few men will get past tanner stage 3 for some reason.

Clayton H. Vereen - January 13, 2015

Hello , My name is Clayton H. Vereen , I am also taken pueraria mirifica female sex change Breast pills from Thailand for transgender men to grow female Breast for a good while now . I have been on Bella-Bust , Suddenly Fem, Puerafem Breast pills , Female Hormone pills . Breast actives, & Bountiful Breast . I have been taken female Breast over 14 months . I am a man & am growing female Breast & I am so excitied . Clayton H. Vereen

james - August 5, 2014

im a guy thats wants breast and still be a man is this a good pill to take for growing breast if so i want to i kneed to know where to get it

    alice lei - September 4, 2014

    Yes, PM and herbs are the best way if you want to still be a man. You can find the best Pueraria Mirifica pills here.

    Ember - December 24, 2015

    I know I’m a little bit late with this reply, but, actually, if you take PM long enough, it can change you quite a bit. It can become very difficult to have and maintain an erection, your sperm count can drop to practically nothing, and you can pretty much lose your libido (sex drive) completely. I know these things from experience, because I’ve been using PM for more than a year and these are the ways it has affected me. And all this can happen within a few months of using as little as 1000 mg of PM a day. These changes might not be so extreme with everyone who uses PM, but the potential for it to happen is always there. Of course, your body may go back to it’s normal state within a few weeks of discontinuing the use of PM, but I can’t guarantee it. I’m leaving this comment for those who might come here looking for information in the future.

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