11 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Breasts

We talk about boobs here. A lot.

What can we say – we like boobs. And you probably do, too. But how well do you really know your gorgeous girls?

Let’s find out – here’s 11 interesting breast facts. How many did you know?

1. How coffee affects your boobs…

Studies show that upping your caffeine intake can take its toll on your breasts by causing it to feel more tender and swollen. This is more common among women with fibrocystic breasts, the more sensitive type of breasts that feel lumpy and rope-like.

coffee effect on boobs

Even if you don’t have fibrocystic breasts, you might still feel the effects of your daily trips to Starbucks when you’re on your period, when breasts are generally more sensitive for all women.

Another sad fact about coffee and boobs? Turns out drinking 3 cups of coffee a day can cause your breasts to shrink. Yet another reason to go for green juices and caffeine-free tea, but yes, we know – the thought of living without a daily dose of caffeine terrifies us too.

2. Smoking isn’t doing your boobs any favors, either

If you’re a chronic smoker, chances are the skin around your breast area has had it’s fair share of smoke exposure. The thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke cause the elastin in the skin to break down which means skin becomes less taut, and your boobs are just not as perky as they could to be.

Other changes that smoking causes are discolorations in your areola and uneven skin around your boobs. Want to know other things you’re doing to hamper your breast growth?

3. Your boob size changes throughout your life

Small-breasted women, rejoice! You’re not doomed to A cups forever. It turns out your boob size is prone to fluctuating. Take this as an official excuse to stock up your lingerie cabinet again, since boobs can go up and down by as much as a cup size at different points in your life.

Factors that affect breast size are your as diverse as your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, exercise, medication, aging – and of course, natural breast enhancement! This means you don’t have to let go of your dream cup size just yet!

4. Too much alcohol can be a factor for breast cancer

Here’s a sobering fact, studies show that even just one drink consumed daily can increase your breast cancer risk by as much as 12%. It’s not exactly that more booze consumption automatically increases your risk, but your average alcohol intake impacts you body’s levels for key hormones such as estrogen that can aggravate tumor growth. Although – the hops in beer has been linked to breast growth!

can beer make your breasts bigger?

The garnishes, sugar syrups, and soda mixes in your favorite cocktails also clock in a lot of unnecessary calories, and weight gain is another factor in upping your breast cancer risk, so stick to simple drinks, and always in moderation. Don’t forget to warn the men in your life who love their liquor too, breast cancer can affect anyone who has breast tissue, so their drinking habits can also put them at risk.

5. Nipplegasms – they exist!

Now for some good news, nipplegasms are not an urban legend! Studies show that nipple stimulation release oxytocin, one of the body’s most dependable get-happy hormone.

This is the same chemical in the body that causes uterine and vaginal contractions to aid in keeping things hot and heavy. At the same time it brings more blood flow to your genitals which can fire up the big O. The brain also helps you out, there’s a link between the area in the brain that responds to clitoral stimulation and nipple stimulation too.

While this isn’t the conventional way to orgasm, patience will definitely be rewarded in the nipple stimulation department. And guess what? Women with smaller breasts actually feel more breast sensitivity and thus, may find it easier to achieve the nipplegasm – just one of the many benefits of having small breasts.

6. Your twins are not exactly identical

It’s been proven that it is more common in women to have one breast smaller than the other. First there is muscular development, the breast closest to the hand you use for writing becomes a bit smaller due to developing more muscle tone and having less fatty tissue.

Other factors can also cause one boob to be perkier, or more round-shaped than the other. Aside from differences in size, the sensitivity between both nipples are not alike as well. While the left nipple is more commonly sensitive, the best way to know which one you prefer personally is to experiment.

Also keep in mind that the most sensitive areas might not even be the nipples themselves, sometimes its the sides or top of the boobs that really hit the spot.

Want to even out uneven breasts? Here’s how!

7. Your boobs give off a distinct scent

Well, your areolas to be exact. The Montgomery glands that appear as little bumps around the sides of your boobs actually smell faintly like amniotic fluid, to help babies detect the smell and be naturally drawn to feed.

The body truly has ingenious ways to help us, aside from this unique scent, the darkness of the areola from pregnancy is also to help the baby distinguish where to latch on to, since babies can only see light and dark colors. Their hands and feet are also designed to help them push towards the mom’s breast, so the instinct to feed in a baby is very strong.

8. Nipples are not leak-proof

We’re not just talking about leaking during pregnancy or breastfeeding either. Nipples have been known to leak if it gets squeezed really hard during mammograms or rough play.

Although, if you’ve been experiencing constant nipple discharge, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Be sure to get to a doctor if you notice that only one breast is leaking, or if the discharge is bloody.

9. Nipple piercings are the easiest way to get larger nipples

If your small nipples are a problem for you, the easiest way to get around it is to have them pierced, since piercing can cause permanent growth in the area. However, piercing isn’t for the faint at heart. You have to be extra careful about your piercings, and you shouldn’t allow any tongues to come close until the wounds have fully healed. This can take months, so make sure you have enough self control. If you’re finding it hard to resist, you can always cut up a condom and use it as a barrier, but always better to be safe than sorry.

Also, once the wound from a nipple piercing fully heals, you’re stuck with having to wear your piercing pretty much your whole lifetime. Nipple piercings close up real fast if you take out the jewelry, even if it’s been years since you’ve had it pierced.

10. Breasts need skincare too!

Nobody wants to have wrinkly, saggy boobs. So if you want to do your part to avoid this early on, better start grabbing that bottle of moisturizer – or even better, the best natural oils for your breasts.

Daily moisturizing shows significant effect in lessening the wrinkles and stretch marks around your breast area. Don’t forget to pile on the sunscreen as well when you’re rocking cleavage baring tops to ward off the sun spots and wrinkles.

11. Everyone is in the market for bigger, bouncier boobs

Despite 2015 being the year of the booty, breast augmentation is still the bread and butter of plastic surgeons. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as many as 286,000 surgeries were performed in just 2014.

What’s interesting to note is that bigger isn’t necessarily better now. Most people are not leaning towards having a perkier pair. Breast lifts were a very popular procedure, with an increase of 75% in terms of procedures from 2000 to 2014.

This might also be why the average bra-size of women are going up. According to a study commissioned by Intimacy, a boutique specializing in lingerie, customer sizes grew from an average of 34B to 34DD in just the past 20 years based on a sample size of around 60,000 women in the United States.

And this isn’t just a pattern endemic to the United States, even the United Kingdom reports an increase in average breast size to 36D from an average of just 34B from 10 years ago!

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